Four-Faith has various industrial communication IoT products and M2M devices such as an industrial router, intelligent gateway, LoRa/NB-IoT/Zigbee products, IP Modem, module, industrial computer, intelligent IoT video surveillance system, 5G CPE and, etc. All the products are designed as industrial-grade that can work in harsh environments and meet the various requirements of customers.
  • GPS 6 Port Router F7X36

      Industrial router support GPS positioning function
      WIFI hotspot coverage, high data throughput
      High speed 3G module, strong wireless communication ability, real-time transmission for volume data
    Industrial router supports APN/VPDN, IPSEC, PPTP, L2TP, GRE, OPENVPN etc
      Stable work for 7 * 24 hours
      Support devices configuration, upgrade and maintenance remotely
      Allocation of bandwidth resources is under control(Optional)
  • WIFI Advertising Router F3938

      Support 2.4G and 5G WIFI 
      Support 3G/4G,designed for vehicle application
      Professional vehicle power supply design, with multiple protective measures
      With large capacity SSD or TF storage  
      Push advertisements to WIFI users
      Automatic user data acquisition
      Support firmware and content update from cloud platform or U disk
      Dual SIM cards and GPS (Optional)
      Cloud platform centralized remote management
  • 4G Data Terminal Unit F2X16

    ● High-performance industrial-grade wireless module
    ● High-performance industrial-grade 32-bit communication processor
    ● Low power design
    ● Metal shell,IP30 Protection level
    ● Wide voltage input(DC 5~36V)
  • M2M Router F5936

    ●  The cellular M2M Industrial 4G Router F5936 is the new industrial router developed for industrial solution applications.
    ●  The M2M 4G LTE wireless router has some special features that make this device the perfect solution for harsh environments such as in exhibition meeting room, factory, Coffee store, Supermarket, etc.
  • LoRa Module

    ● Low power consumption
    ● High receive sensitivity
    ● LoRaWAN Module F8L10A support software upgrade by serial port
    ● High-performance industrial-grade CPU and wireless module
  • LoRa Terminal

    ●  LoRa terminal support max transmission distance of 8 KM
    ●  Rich port interface and easy to use
    ●  Excellent anti-interference features
    ●  LoRa terminal supports over-the-air updates
    ●  -148dBm ultra-high receiver sensitivity

  • LoRaWAN Gateway

    ●  High-performance industrial-grade wireless module
    ●  Adopt high-performance industrial multi channel LoRaWAN base station / gateway RF chip
    LoRa gateway provide standard Ethernet and WIFI interface, can be directly connected to Ethernet devices and WIFI devices
    ●  LoRawan base station support LoRaWAN protocol wireless data transmission
    ●  WIFI support WEP, WPA, WPA2 and other encryption style, MAC address filtering and other functions
    ●  Complete anti-drop mechanism to ensure data terminal always online
  • LoRa Gateway

    ●  With 2.5G/3G/4G +LoRa dual wireless link
    ●  LoRa gateway field tested communication distance >11.5 KM, industry leading level
    ●  Suitable for various finds of non-human on-site industrial applications. Offering 24/7 stability
    ●  Powerful network switching capability
    ●  Integrated modbus standard communication protocol 
    Multi-data center synchronous transmission
    ●  Ultra-high receiver sensitivity, reaching a staggering -140 dBm
    ●  Provides additional security measures. Data transmission up to financial-level standards
    ●  Rich interface. Easy to use
    ●  Remote equipment configuration, over-the-air updates and maintenance
  • Cellular Router

      Industrial router, 4G cellular router, serial and I/O for connecting diverse field assets
    Industrial 4G Router secure your data using a variety of VPN tunneling schemes
    Industrial 4G Router support Din-Rail or wall mounting or desktop
      Maximizes uptime by seamlessly switching between the multiple Internet interfaces
  • Industrial Computer

    ●  Android and Linux Dual-OS

    ●  Freescale Cortex™-A9 i.MX 6 Quad processor with 2GB RAM

      Running Memory RAM 2G

      Fuselage Memory ROM 8G

    With open development resources and abundant applications available

      Optimized hardware base driver enables stable and fast network connection, smooth user experience and excellent performance of peripherals