Four-Faith has various industrial communication IoT products and M2M devices such as an industrial router, intelligent gateway, LoRa/NB-IoT/Zigbee products, IP Modem, module, industrial computer, intelligent IoT video surveillance system, 5G CPE and, etc. All the products are designed as industrial-grade that can work in harsh environments and meet the various requirements of customers.
  • Industrial Computer

      Android Industrial Computer F4932-R1Q support 3G, 4G LTE network.
      Have 1 x Ethernet Port, 3 x RS232 or RS485, 4 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 2.0 OTG, 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA ports.  
      Operating by Android / Linux System.

  • NB-IoT

    ● NB-IoT terminal ultra low power consumption design
    ● NB-IoT terminal low communication cost
    ● NB-IoT terminal wide indoor coverage area capability
    ● Support low latency sensitivity and cost-effective for products design
  • Smoke Detector

    ● Low-cost: NB-IoT/ LoRa mode, use the IOT AD hoc network and operator network
    ● Easy-installation: Wireless communication, built-in battery, no wiring required
     Easy maintenance: The smoke detector has low power consumption, and can keep working more than 2 years
    ● Security: The national fire mandatory product certification, with standard, safe and reliable
    ● Convenience: The internet operation and management mode
  • Industrial LTE Router F3X26-TB

    ● Industrial 4G router support NTP
    ● Support VPN server/client (PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC, OPENVPN, GRE) 
    ● Support upgrade software locally and remotely
    ● Support various DDNS
    ● Industrial 4G router support MAC address clone, PPPoE server
    ● Support remote management, SYSLOG, SNMP, TELNET, SSHD, HTTPS, etc.
    ● Support various WAN connection type, including static IP, DHCP, PPPOE, 2.5G/3G/4G
    ● Support LTE and wired WAN dual-link intelligent switching backup function

  • IP Modem F-IM100

     High-powered industrial cellular module
     High-powered industrial 32 bits CPU
     Wide power input: DC 9~36V
     Support hardware and software WDT
     SIM/UIM port: 15KV ESD protection
  • PoE NVR

    ● PoE network video recorder support 16 channels H.265/H264 video input
    ● HDMI video output up to 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution
    ● 8/16 x PoE ports, support 802.3AF, 802.3AT
    ● Support IPC event trigger & Image capture
    ● PoE network video recorder support third-party ONVIF Profile T cameras
    ● 2 SATA HDDs, storage capacity is up to 12TB
  • Intelligent Gateway F-G100

    ●  Intelligent Gateway support multiple WAN connections, including static IP, DHCP, PPPOE, 3G/UMTS/4G/LTE, dhcp-4G
    ●  Support 3G/4G and wired WAN dual link intelligent switching backup function (Optional)
    ●  WIFI support 802.11b/g/n/ac, support WIFI AP, Client, repeater, relay bridge and other working modes (Optional)
    ●  Support multi-channel DHCP server and DHCP client, DHCP bundled MAC address, DDNS, firewall, NAT, DMZ host, QoS, traffic statistics, real-time display data transmission rate
    ●  Connect to the Four-Faith cloud service, access the cloud platform through the web, and realize remote management
    ●  Maintenance channel: After the maintenance personnel run the client on the portable PC, they can directly maintain the field device remotely
    ●  Local storage support flash memory, TF card (Select one for TF card and USB application)


  • Industrial PoE Switch F-SW1010

    ● Industrial PoE switch support 1000M port, high-speed transmission 
    ● Metal casing, well heat dissipation performance

    ● Industrial grade protection, suitable for most harsh environment
    ● Plug-n-play, easy to use

  • Speed Dome Camera F-SC431

    ● IP Speed Dome Camera support H.265, optimized in bit rate, bandwidth and storage usage, 50% off than H.264.
    ● Super WDR, up to 140dB wide dynamic range ensure all the bright and dark areas are well presented.
    ● IP67, industrial level protection, provides solid stability and durability.
    ● 30X AF Lens, keep the clarity andfocus on the correct objects rapidly,deliver the high-quality image.

  • Mini Bullet Camera F-SC311

    ● IP Camera support H.265, optimized in bit rate, bandwidth and storage usage, 50% off than H.264
    ● Super WDR, up to 140dB wide dynamic range ensure all the bright and dark areas are well presented
    ● IP67, industrial level protection, provides solid stability and durability
    ● 3X AF lens, keep the clarity and focus on the correct objects rapidly, always deliver the highquality image