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Date:2021-05-28 11:11:32

Solution Background:

With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing and 5G smart factory applications, more and more machinery and equipment are transformed by digitalization, informatization, and networking. The traditional manufacturing operation mode has been unable to meet the needs of modern industrial development.

Therefore, to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the 5G intelligent manufacturing industry, the combination of 5G and AGV handling robot is undoubtedly one of the important measures of the current industrial structure adjustment, which can not only alleviate the pressure caused by rising labor costs, but also improve the production rate, and realize the overall intelligent upgrade of 5G production workshop.

5G smart factory
Industry Difficulty:

 For manufacturing enterprises, traditional AGVs have problems such as long site layout time, low precision, and high cost, which are not conducive to the long-term development of enterprises.

 The traditional AGV obstacle avoidance capability is not mature, the operation automation and the degree of intelligence are low, and it cannot play the maximum helping role in the workshop production process.
 The traditional network layout method has some problems such as fewer connections, easy discontinuous communication process, and unstable transmission. The efficiency is too low, and the administrator cannot find the loopholes at the first time resulting in production defects.

5G smart factory
Introduction of the Solution:
To improve the production line capacity, save the cost of human and material resources, ensure the orderly and efficient transportation of goods, Four-Faith uses the 5G technology network of the Internet of Things to provide network support for the on-site handling robot to achieve the AGV automation platform management and control. The 5G AGV handling robot can also achieve material allocation & transfer, material transportation, and warehouse storage.

5G smart factory
Four-Faith 5G mini industrial router F-NR120 and the AGV handling robot are connected through Ethernet to provide a network to the control unit of the AGV handling robot, and achieve comprehensive coverage of the 5G smart factory area through the ultra-low latency of 5G network. At the same time, the AGV handling robot realizes real-time communication of the AGV scheduling and control system through 5G network. Combined with AI autonomous driving technology, it can flexibly realize the real-time change of transportation speed and adjustment of transportation route depends on demand.
Through the AGV scheduling system and production management system, when the production management system has production order, the AGV dispatching system will uniformly dispatch the AGV handling robots in the 5G smart factory for the intelligent operation. And then through the distribution of laser navigation based on the system's instruction in intelligent material handling, to achieve automatic placing orders, 5G smart factory the wisdom of the intelligent scheduling system production targets.
Four-Faith Industrial Mini 5G Router:

5G smart factory
 Using complete anti-drop mechanism, stable data transmission
 Support 5G/4G, ethernet smart switch
 Support positioning function (Beidou, GPS), PPS
 Industrial design, high and low temperature resistance, durable
 WDT dual watchdog design, the system is more stable
 Support dual-band WIFI (2.4G and 5.8G)
 Support hardware encryption
 Supports NSA and SA networks, compatible with all operators
Solution Advantages:
Based on 5G technology, the production workshop is fully covered by the 5G network. With the ultra-low latency, high bandwidth, and full coverage of the 5G network, provide efficient network real-time operation for the AGV handling robot. Through 5G network technology, the intelligent and automatic 5G smart factory can be achieved, which greatly improves the production efficiency and saves the labor cost of the factory.
Practical Application:

5G smart factory
5G smart factory

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