Wi-Fi Mesh Wireless Self-Organizing Network Solution Based on Four-Faith 5G Industrial Router F-NR100
To solve the above problems, Four-Faith launched a 5G + Mesh wireless self-organizing network solution and developed a 5G wireless Mesh router to access many terminals and seamless roaming.

5G+ Empowers Unmanned Sanitation Vehicles
The system components include front-end sensors, vehicle computers + 5G routers + mec private network servers; the vehicle's cameras, positioning radars, environmental sensors are all aggregated to the vehicle computer, and then reported to the background server through F-NR120.

How Four-Faith 5G LAN Router Empower the Smart Factory

5G LAN Router

In recent years, with the rapid development of 5G technology, the close integration of information technology and enterprise development has become a major trend in the future development of enterprises. As a represent...

Four-Faith 5G Smart Tower Crane Wireless Monitoring Solution, Make Construction Safe and Visible

Types of Tower Cranes 5G Smart Tower Crane

Take the tower crane market as an example, as essential key equipment in construction, the tower crane's status in the heart of construction enterprises is rising day by day. However, with the surge in the deman...

Efficient Coordination, Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection, Four-Faith 5G Industrial Computer Helps Factory Digital Transformation

5G Industrial Computer Factory Digital Transformation Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection

To solve the pain points of intelligent manufacturing enterprises, Four-Faith builds 5G+ smart factory solutions based on 5G network architecture, which effectively solve the security of factory production data, improve data collection efficiency and data processing delay, and realize real-time data collection and analysis.

From "Digital Factory" to "IoT Factory", Data Acquisition and Monitoring Solution of 5G+ Smart Factory

Digital Factory IoT Factory 5G Smart Factory 5G Industrial Router

Background   In recent years, China has attached great importance to the development of the intelligent manufacturing industry. Policies and measures have been introduced to provide continuous policy support for capital, technology, and support platform, and to promote the integrated development of new-generation information technology and the manufacturing industry.