Let Perception be the Escort of Safety: Four-Faith 5G Intelligent Urban Traffic Monitoring Solution

Video Surveillance Systems Intelligent Monitoring System Intelligent Surveillance System Internet of Things

Background: With the rapid development of the social economy, the growth rate of motor vehicle ownership is rapid, traffic demand is greatly increased, and management is increasingly difficult. In the face of the mai...

Create a Nice Shopping Experience for the Customer! Four-Faith 5G CPE Achieves Full WiFi Coverage at the Supermarkets & Shopping Mall

5G CPE Wi-Fi Coverage Intelligent Terminals Customer Shopping Experience Intelligent Management System

To realize the digitalization of retail stores, the enhancement of experience, and the digitalization of business, the company can integrate the latest technology products -- Four-Faith 5G CPE, with "high-performance WiF...

Live Video Network Often Unstable? Four-Faith 5G CPE Provide the Full Wi-Fi Coverage for the Live Broadcast!

5G CPE Live Video Network 5G Technology 4G Network Bandwidth

Four-Faith 5G CPE live broadcast WiFi coverage solution helps mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other terminals to connect to 5G CPE through WiFi (WiFi6 or WiFi5) or wired, and connect to the Internet through 5G ...

Four-Faith 5G Intelligent IoT Bus Monitoring Solution

5G Intelligent IoT Communication System GIS Monitoring

The 5G intelligent IoT bus monitoring solution is Four-Faith 5G intelligent IoT monitoring product line for urban public transport services and specially developed a full range of monitoring systems, combined with 5G n...

5G Lights up New Opportunities, Four-Faith 5G Smart Light Pole Gateway Achieve Urban Informatization and Intelligent Construction

5G Smart Light Pole Gateway

5G and smart light poles are two things of mutual achievement. The research and development of 5G micro base stations promote the construction process of smart light poles, and the advantage of the street light pole (wide distribution) also helps the deployment of the 5G network.

Four-Faith 5G CPE + Smart Park System Application Solution to Develop Smart Park

Smart Park System

The Four-Faith 5G CPE+ Smart Park System Application Solution fully use advanced technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, big data, and cloud computing to empower the park’s security, management, operation, an...