Based on Four-Faith 5G Industrial Router F-NR130, CNC Machine Remote Operation & Maintenance Solution

Date:2023-05-22 11:34:12

CNC Machine Remote


Project Background

With the wide application of CNC machine tools in industrial production, CNC machine tools and CNC technology have become the core of manufacturing industry. CNC machine tool is an electromechanical integrated product that integrates mechanical manufacturing, computer, hydraulic, sensing, information processing, optoelectronics, and other technologies. In view of the complexity of CNC machine tools and the limited human resources of enterprises, equipment maintenance must rely on external forces. With the remote mechanical diagnosis and service system, the management efficiency of CNC machine tool manufacturers can be greatly improved. CNC machine tool manufacturers and users can also establish long-term and close cooperative relations and create new business value.  

Solution Description

Four-Faith 5G Router


Solution Overview
The remote monitoring solution for CNC machine tools in this solution consists of three main parts: front-end equipment, communication equipment and back-end center. Front-end equipment: The front-end equipment mainly consists of CNC machine tools of different brands and models, which are used for functions such as mechanical manufacturing, sensing interaction and information processing of products. Communication equipment: The communication equipment is mainly composed of Four-Faith F-NR130, which transmits the data transmitted from the machine tool equipment through the operator's private wireless network for long-distance transmission to the back-end monitoring center. Background center: It is mainly composed of various servers and software. By receiving the machine tool data transmitted from the communication equipment for a long distance, it can effectively monitor and control the operation of the equipment through analysis and processing. 

Communication Technology Features

Support NSA and SA networks, compatible with all operators; adopt complete anti-dropping mechanism, stable data transmission.

Support 5G/4G, wired intelligent switching, support high-speed network ports, plug and play. 

Support WDT software and hardware dual watchdog, full industrial design, anti-high and low temperature, durable, stable system.

It has a complete remote management system, which can facilitate centralized management, remote configuration and upgrading to improve operating efficiency. 

Production Introduction

5G Industrial Router F-NR130


Product: Four-Faith 5G Industrial Router
Model: F-NR130

Key Features:
Provide standard RS232, RS485 and Ethernet ports, can directly connect serial port devices, Ethernet devices and WiFi devices.  

Convenient and flexible to use, with multiple working modes to choose from 
Supports 3G/4G/5G and wired WAN dual-link intelligent switching backup function.

Intelligent data terminal can enter data transmission state as soon as it is powered on.  

Support remote management, SYSLOG, SNMP, TELNET, SSHD, HTTPS 

Project On-site Pictures

5G Industrial Router F-NR130

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