Alternative to Traditional Router: 4G Router with Sim Slot

4G Router with Sim Slot

A 4g router with sim slot is an alternative to a traditional router. Stimulated by both demand and technological progress, it will directly appear in more and more scenarios with stable characteristics.   
What is a Dual-band 4G WiFi Router? 4G WiFi Router Application Field

4G WiFi Router

4G WiFi routers, in fact, add a 4G dial-up part on the basis of ordinary routers, which are divided into built-in and external. Receive base station signals and access the Internet. The external one is to connect the USB 4G network card to the USB interface of the 4G WiFi router to realize dial-up Internet access, that is, to allow Internet access to be shared.  
The Difference Between Wireless AP and Wireless Sim Card Router

Wireless Sim Card Router

Recently, people often ask me: What is the difference between "wireless AP" and "wireless sim card router"? In order to allow more friends to distinguish the difference between "wireless AP" and "wireless sim card ro...
How Industrial LTE Home Routers Monitor and Diagnose Remote Devices

LTE Home Routers

If one needs to monitor and diagnose remote equipment such as factory automation, substations, steam turbines, generators, water treatment and irrigation systems through an industrial LTE home router, how does an industrial LTE home router do it?
What is IoT Device Management?

IoT Device Management

IoT devices management vary in their capabilities, but there are some similarities in how IoT devices work. First, IoT devices management are physical objects designed to interact with the real world in some way. The device could be a sensor on an assembly line or a smart security camera. In either case, the device senses what's going on in the physical world.
Testing Challenges and Solutions for IoT-enabled Devices

IoT-enabled Devices

Whether integrating a new IoT module or terminal into a IoT-enabled device, testing low-power performance, or solving signaling problems encountered in a design, Four-Faith provides superior solutions to overcome the many challenges faced by these IoT designs Challenges that help you accelerate development and reduce time to market.
A Guide to the Difference Between Routers and Switches

router and a switch

Routers and switches are not unfamiliar to many people, but if you want to talk about the difference between routers and switches, many people do not know very well. The following will explain the difference between routers and switches.
What is the Difference Between Low-end and High-end Routers? Factors Affecting Router Performance

High-end Routers

"Low-end routers and high-end routers are used in the same way, why is the price so far apart?" In fact, this question is very good, and many friends who are not familiar with product technology will basically hav...
How to Choose a Router Protocol? Selection Reference for Router Dimensions

Router Protocol

When choosing router protocol, appearance and size, attention should be paid to security, control software, network expansion capability, network management system, and live plugging capability.  
Step-by-step Guide for Router Configuration and Debugging

Router Configuration

The router plays an important role in the computer network and is the bridge of the computer network. It can not only connect different networks, but also choose the path of data transmission and block illegal access.