Body Temperature Machine Precautions You Need to Know! Introduction to the Use of Thermometers

Body Temperature Machine

Temperature machine is a kind of highest body temperature machine, also known as "medical body temperature machine", and it is called a heat probe in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It records the highest temperature ever measured by the body temperature machine.
How to Improve Network Performance? Network Performance Improvement Guide

Network Performance

Network performance indicators are indicators to measure network performance, including bandwidth, delay, and bandwidth-delay product. You need some tricks to improve your network as much as possible.
PoE Switch vs. PoE Network Video Recorder: When Can PoE Network Video Recorder Be Used

PoE Network Video Recorder

PoE network video recorder is a video recorder with power over Ethernet function, which is mainly used in IP video surveillance system and is responsible for the storage and forwarding of video streams.
What is a Network Adapter? Network Adapter Features You Must Know

Network Adapter

A network adapter is a piece of computer hardware designed to allow a computer to communicate over a computer network. Because it has a MAC address, it falls between layers 1 and 2 of the OSI model. It allows users to connect to each other via cable or wirelessly.
How Smart and Convenient is a Smart Home Gateway? Smart Home Gateway Guide

Smart Home Gateway

The smart home gateway is the heart of home intelligence, through which the system's information collection, information input, information output, centralized control, remote control, linkage control and other functions are realized.
Four-Faith 5G Industrial Router Fully Supports the 5G Private Network Quality Probe of China Mobile Research Institute

5G Private Network

Facing the era of Industry 4.0, the application of 5G industry is also expanding, with the rise of many 5G private networks, and the effect of "one industry bringing all industries" is remarkable. As of September 2...
The 5G FWA Market has Leaped Forward, Many 5G Terminals of Four-Faith Enable Provide for The Typical FWA Applications
As the construction of global 5G infrastructure continues to improve, huge changes will be brought about in thousands of industries. Application scenarios such as industrial Internet, telemedicine, Internet of vehicles, ...
5G LAN Accelerates the Landing of Intelligent Factory, Four-Faith 5G Industrial Router Being the Best Assist


In recent years, with the vigorous development of 5G technology, the closer integration of information technology and enterprise development has become a major trend of future enterprise development. 
Four-Faith Selected Xiamen Foreign Trade Independent Brand Cultivation Enterprise List
Recently, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce according to the "Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce Foreign trade independent brand Cultivation three years (2021-2023) action Plan" related requirements, after layers of review, announced the second batch of Xiamen foreign trade independent brand cultivation enterprise list, Four-Faith was selected in the list.
On the Eve of the Commercial Outbreak of 5G LAN, Will Industrial Internet Companies Rush?


In the wake of the metaverse, another buzzword has recently swept the Internet of Things enterprise circle -- 5G LAN In the 5G era, driven by "4G changes life and 5G changes society", 5G shoulders the mission o...