Introduction to Power Over Ethernet Security Cameras Ethernet Standard

power over ethernet security cameras

In the video surveillance project, it is necessary to consider the power supply method of the camera. What kind of power supply method can achieve the best monitoring effect and save the project cost to the greatest extent? First of all, we need to understand several ways to supply power to cameras in video surveillance engineering.  
What is a Single Mode to Multimode Converter? Working Principle of Single-to-multi-mode Converter

Single Mode to Multimode Converter

The single mode to multimode converter is a modular fiber converter, which mainly realizes the transparent transmission of optical signals between multi-mode fiber and single-mode fiber, single-mode fiber and single-mode fiber, and single-fiber and dual-fiber media, with independent protocols.
What is an Ethernet to Fiber Converter? Introduction to Ethernet to Fiber Converter

Ethernet to Fiber Converter

The ethernet to fiber converter is a bidirectional transparent converter that provides Ethernet data signals to fiber optic data signals. Ethernet to fiber converter can transmit Ethernet signals through fiber optic lin...
What is Network Redundancy Switch and a Detailed Description of Redundant Power Supplies

Redundant Power Supply

Most redundant network switches on the market today, especially older switches, use only a single power supply. If the power supply fails (such as a power outage), the redundant network switch will not work properly,...
Why are 5G Routers So Expensive? Industrial 5G Routers have High Requirements

Why are 5G Routers So Expensive

Why are 5G routers so expensive? This problem is mainly due to the cost of materials (including chip systems), technology costs, design costs and a series of related costs of 5g routers, so 5g routers are expensive...
The Concept of Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP for short) is a routing protocol proposed by the IETF to solve the single-point failure phenomenon in the configuration of static gateways in local area networks. In 1998, the...
The Difference Between LoRa Wireless Technology and LoRa Gateway Module

LoRa Gateway Module

Nodes in a LoRaWAN network are not associated with dedicated gateways. Conversely, a node usually receives data through multiple LoRa gateway module. 
How to Set the Topic of MQTT on the LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway

LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway

When we set the LoRaWAN indoor gateway to NS mode, we can operate on the web page of the LoRaWAN indoor gateway to set the topic of the gateway's MQTT subscription, so as to establish the basis for obtaining LoRa node data using MQTT subscription.
What are the Methods of Lightning Protection for LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateways

LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateways

LoRaWAN outdoor gateways are often placed in poor conditions. Moreover, in order for the gateway to better collect uplink data sent by nodes, and to issue instructions to nodes better, and to cover more nodes, LoRaWAN outdoor gateways are often used.
What are the Functions of the Things Network Gateway

the Things Network Gateway

An IoT gateway is a physical device or software program that serves as a connection point between the cloud and the controller, sensors and smart devices. All data moving between IoT devices and the cloud passes through the things network gateways, which can be dedicated hardware devices or software programs.