Industrial Ethernet Bus Introduction and the Advantages of Industrial Ethernet Bus

Industrial Ethernet Bus Industrial Ethernet Protocols

Fieldbus is a digital, bidirectional, multi-branch communication network used in production sites to connect intelligent field equipment and automatic measurement and control systems. So what is the specific industrial Ethernet bus, what are the advantages of industrial Ethernet bus? This article will give you a simple introduction.
Good News | Four-Faith Won the Fujian Province Science and Technology Progress Award for 2020

Internet of Things Internet of Things industry

The Government of Fujian Province recently issued the decision on provincial Science and Technology Awards for 2020, awarding science and technology personnel and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to scientific and technological progress and economic and social development in Fujian province.
What is the Industrial Ethernet Connection Method

Industrial Ethernet Connection Local Area Network

Ethernet is a widely used local area network technology at present. The TECHNICAL standard of Ethernet has been developed by IEEE, which stipulates the connection of physical layer and the content of the protocol of...
Analysis of the Current Situation and the Future Development Trend of Industrial Ethernet Switch

Industrial Ethernet Switch Industrial Automation Industrial Ethernet Switch Market

The market demand for industrial Ethernet switches is very wide, whether the new modern manufacturing production line or the transformation of old equipment will use industrial Ethernet a lot. So, what is the status quo of specific industrial Ethernet switches? 
Introduction of Two Optical Ports and the Role of Optical Ports on Industrial Ethernet Switches

Industrial Ethernet Switches Electrical Port Optical Ports

A lot of customers in the purchase of industrial Ethernet switches will ask how many optical and electrical ports of switches, but also will ask what the difference between the electrical and optical ports of indust...
Working Principle of Industrial Ethernet Switch

Industrial Ethernet Switch Industrial Environments

Industrial Ethernet switch is used in the field of industrial control of the switch equipment, the network standard used in this switch is open and widely used, can adapt to low temperature and high temperature and another complex environment. This article will introduce the industrial Ethernet switch working principle.
Differences Between Industrial Ethernet Switches and Industrial Routers

Industrial Ethernet Switches Industrial Routers

Industrial Ethernet switch is used in the industrial field of switch equipment, because of the network standard adopted and its good openness, wide application, and other characteristics, industrial Ethernet switch can withstand the harsh working environment. This article introduces the differences between industrial Ethernet switches and industrial router. 
What are the Industrial Ethernet Ports

Industrial Ethernet Switches M2M industry Ethernet Ports

Industrial Ethernet switches are designed to ensure that the switching speed is fast the switching capacity is far greater than the amount of information transferred. Industrial Ethernet switches usually have several to dozens of ports. This article specifically introduces the industrial Ethernet ports. 
Industrial Ethernet Cable Requirements

Industrial Ethernet High-speed Transmission

Industrial environments require much stronger cable structures than those used in office environments. Materials such as polyurethane (PUR) are resistant to mineral oils as well as high wear resistance. They're also halogen-free.
What are the Industrial Ethernet Standards

Industrial Ethernet Standards Industrial Applications Internet of Things Industrial Router

To meet the needs of industrial applications, major industrial automation companies and standardization organizations have put forward a variety of industrial Ethernet technical standards, these schemes are based on IEEE8...