What is a Fiber Optic Converter? The Principle of Optical Fiber Converter

Fiber Optic Converter Optical Fiber Converter

Fiber optic converter is a module that converts serial port or other interface into optical fiber interface. Optical fiber converter is divided into multi-mode fiber conversion and single-mode fiber conversion; generally...
Intelligent Monitoring Solution of the Greenhouse Using Four-Faith IP Modem

Intelligent Monitoring Solution IP Modem

With China's automation and control level, the deepening of the sensor technology, network communication technology development, especially in recent years, countries in the agricultural industry policy are asking the cou...
How to Realize the City Park Audio and Video Alarm System Through Four-Faith 5G Industrial CPE

Video Alarm System Video Surveillance System

Traditional video alarm system is based on wired monitoring technology, which requires fixed erection sites and network cables, and a central computer room is established to complete video decoding and forwarding.
What is the HD WiFi Camera Module? WiFi Wireless Network Camera Installation Steps

WiFi Camera Module

In the wireless video transmission scheme, the WiFi camera module is mainly used for wireless transmission. The camera WiFi module is the core component of the network camera.
What are the Requirements of Smart Port, The Importance of Intelligent Wireless Monitoring of Port Lighting

Smart Port port lighting

Smart port is the trend of port construction and development. Taking the information physical system as the framework, through the innovative application of high and new technology, the communication between the supply side and the demand side of logistics is integrated into the integration system of collection and distribution.
How to Wire WiFi Switch? Working Principle of WiFi Switch Module

WiFi Switch Module

Working principle of WiFi switch module: Wi-Fi is a technology that is distributed in the 2.4G and 5G frequency bands and allows devices to access wireless local area networks. In essence, the wired signal is conver...
Basic Functions of RTU Remote Terminal Unit

RTU Remote Terminal Unit

RTU remote terminal unit, the remote measurement and control terminal, belongs to the intermediate equipment of the sensor network layer and the transmission network layer, and is also the key equipment of the Internet of Things.
LTE Cat M1 Technology Applied to 4G Locator

LTE Cat M1

The technology involved in high-end positioning equipment is extremely complex. At present, many locator manufacturers have developed the latest LTE 4G locator, which has pushed the industry one step further.
What is DB to DBI Calculator

DB to DBI Calculator

DBi and dBd are units of power gain, both are relative values, but the reference is not the same. The reference reference for dBi is an omnidirectional antenna; the reference reference for dBd is a dipole.
What is an IoT Edge Gateway? Practical Applications of IoT Edge Gateways

IoT Edge Gateway

Edge computing means that in the vicinity of the data source, the IoT edge gateway lays a solid foundation for the application of edge computing in the Internet of Things, and the deployment of edge computing servi...