This is Smart Express Cabinet!

Date:2018-01-17 09:48:30

More and more people join online shopping carnival. Express business volume, huge convenience, service and safety are required to have a more advanced, more intelligent and more convenient to express management and operation mode. Self service express cabinet (also known as intelligent express box) has already had a large number of deployment points in major cities, and operation and maintenance management is also more and more. The self courier cabinet operators also hope to manage these terminal nodes in a wireless remote way. Through Four-Faith 4G industrial router, we can solve the problem of express cabinet remote networking, replace the traditional way of wire transmission, bring convenience to the deployment of self service express cabinet, and solve the problem of "last one hundred meters" end logistics terminal wireless network and remote management thoroughly.

System architecture

Intelligent express cabinet project deployment is simple: the system is mainly composed of three parts, the intelligent express cabinet, the four letter series industrial router and the monitoring platform.

Monitoring platform

The independent desktop server mainly communicates with many express cabinet systems, monitors the online status of the express terminals, and sends instructions and information to the terminal, and processes requests and reports from terminals.

Express cabinet terminal

The industrial control machine part (core part) mainly deals with the following two kinds of data:

1. business data part: SMS, keystrokes, scanning bar code, LED advertising system, etc.

2. Management data part: equipment running status information, video surveillance, etc.


The network transmission part (4G wireless router) monitoring platform needs to manage all terminal devices, and it is necessary to pass the network. At present, the coverage and utilization rate of wireless network are very high, plus now is the era of Internet of things. The use of 3G/4G network to provide network is convenient and convenient, and it can also save a higher construction cost.

At the same time, Four-Faith industrial route through antenna extension line can effectively avoid the influence of signal shielding, and can be used in all kinds of field environment. Four-Faith Industrial router smart express terminal wireless network, wireless network routing protocols routing can provide users with safe, fast, stable and reliable transmission, easy to self express cabinet terminal 4G/3G wireless networking and remote management services.


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