Four-Faith Industrial 3G Router Booster Singapore Regional Supermarket Kiosk

Date:2014-02-05 11:23:00

With the development of 3G/4G network, supermarket chains are evolving with the changing of current business trend, they are becoming experiencing and interactive places though various Theme Day marketing and interactive terminals. Four-Faith’s Singapore partner is a regional supermarket chain in Singapore, their brand covers Southeast Asia area. In recent years, they have changed from " large and complete " to " small but excellent", unlike the customers in large shopping malls where they select carefully, Singapore partner want give customers a relaxed and entertaining shopping atmosphere, the secret weapon lies in the choice of supermarket self-service terminals.

Supermarket self-service terminals is the cloud platform in supermarkets and customers to achieve distance communication, through websites, mobile phones, terminals and other forms, interact both consumers through self-service terminals on the theme of small game to get discount coupons, membership cards and other offers, complete easy shopping experience. For self-service terminals more efficient management of each store, Singapore customer communications and Four-Faith multiple communication, distribution and carrier selection for the supermarket chain to jointly develop a supermarket kiosk networking system.

System consists of self-service terminals, Four-Faith Communication Industrial 3G router, operations management services platform consists of three parts, 3G/4G wireless network transmission via data. Four-Faith F3434 industrial 3g router system used to build 3G wireless networking system used to implement marketing campaigns, special offers, consumer services, interactive games and other interactive data service results, efficiency mentioning improve the stability and security of the system, reducing the network maintenance and on-site maintenance costs.

Four-Faith F3434 industrial 3G router actual application photo

industrial 3g router for kiosk

In wireless communication Things tide, domestic and foreign regions by Four-Faith industrial 3G routers kiosk system has gradually become an important medium for many businesses marketing promotion. More convenient for the expansion of consumer groups and needs direction, through diversity and interesting forms, to complete the consumer shopping and business services to promote the process, so that consumers enjoy more benefits and convenience, at the same time, businesses are more easy to manage.


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