Brand Chains IPsec Application

Date:2013-12-13 11:02:00

4G Wireless Router

With the development of business, brand chain shops expand rapidly. The main problem is how to manage the shops spreading over the country efficiently? How to know the sell, stock, delivery, collection and other important data? 4G Wireless Router F3X34 supply network access and set up IPSEC with headquarter server, all shops report relative finance information, sale information to headquarter data server through IPSEC encryption and the headquarter will proceed statistics, analysis, Management, decision on finance information, sale information to Efficiently realize remote control.

Why clients choose Four-Faith?

1、Encryption: 4G Wireless Router F3X34 support VPN, including IPSEC,L2TP,GRE,OPENVPN,secure data transmission with VPN.

2、Safety: support IPSEC, separate business data and manage data for ensuring safety of business data.

3、WIFI: 4G Wireless Router F3X34 provide wifi and clients can surf the internet by WIFI

4、Multiple access mode: PPPOE,3G/4G WIFI,IP and DHCP

5、Dual backup: wired and wireless network backup

Successful cases

Dalian Food Chains                Xiamen Tea Chains                Shanghai Artwork Chains                  Chengdu Coffee Chains

Customer's feedback

I remembered the first cooperation with Four-Faith 4G wireless router, the devices delayed one day because of logistics, but Four-Faith staff came to our shops for testing and doing training. Since 2011,we always use Four-Faith because of reliable communication and low overhaul. Now every shop can supply WiFi for clients.

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