GPRS IP Modem is successfully applied in Guangdong haze monitoring project

PM2 5 monitoring

Xiamen Four-Faith communication technology Co. Ltd. to establish strategic partnership with Guangdong Dongguan environmental monitoring project
Industrial VPN router application in weather monitoring system in Spain
the Spanish regional systems integrators and four- faith jointly develop weather monitoring system, which is suitable for wind direction , wind speed, rainfall , temperature, relative humidity , more meteorological elements barometric pressure, solar radiation , soil temperature, soil moisture, weather , etc. on-site monitoring
Noise Monitoring Application

Noise Monitoring Application Noise Monitoring System Noise Monitoring Project

“3G Environment Noise Monitoring System” consists of application management, data transmission and acquisition terminal, and can realize the function of noise  data statistics ,audio forensics noise, noise data analysis, dynamic monitoring and other advanced management functions.

Pollution Monitoring Application

Pollution Monitoring Application Pollution Source Monitoring Project pollution monitoring system

Pollution sources on-line monitoring system is a technical support platform of the environmental monitoring and environmental early warning.

Sewage Monitoring System

MODBUS RTU protocol Sewage monitoring system wireless transmission device Sewage Monitoring Project​

Sewage monitoring system consists of data collection terminal, wireless transmission device and data managing center. The data collection terminal will collect the data of water speed, flux, PH value, COD, ammonia nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, phosphorus etc

Energy Consumption Monitoring

Energy Consumption Monitoring Heat Supply Monitoring​ Pow Supply Monitoring Project​ Water Supply Monitoring Gas Monitoring

Four-Faith wireless transmission terminal F2114 will connect with the intelligent meter and establish the connection, realize the double way transmission between the meter and data center.