LoRa Module Application for Remote Meter Reading Solution

Remote Meter Reading Solution Meter Reading Solution

Meter reading system by wireless concentrator and wireless meter (embedded LoRa module), the concentrator through the 3G/4G wireless network access to the Internet, to transmit electric meter data to the data center. 

Electric transmission line condition monitoring solution

line condition monitoring solution Electric transmission solution

LoRa extreme distance and low power consumption characteristics, solve the data long distance transmission in a complex environment problem, through all kinds of detector and acquisition equipment, etc.

Four-Faith Cellular IP Modem Applied on Power Monitoring Project
Collector electricity users real-time collection of data, F2414 IP MODEM collect the data through the 2G/3G network to the server.

New energy under the Internet of Things --- Charging pile integrated management system solutions

Charging pile integrated management system solutions

Charging pile integrated management system (hereinafter referred to as the management system) is combined with the Internet of things and Internet, through the GIS, big data analysis and other emerging Internet form, integration terminal resources and then comprehensive display the integration of management system.

Remote Data Acquisition of Wind Turbine
The Four-Faith F2403 HSUPA IP Modem as well as the entire Four-Faith wireless product, proves that remote data acquisition doesn’t always require a complex and expensive solution.

WCDMA Cellular Modbus Modem Applied in Wind Turbines Monitoring System Denmark

WCDMA Cellular Modbus Modem wind turbines monitoring wind turbines monitoring application

The Denmark customer indicated that due to installation of a real-time monitoring system of wind turbine via WCDMA Cellular Modbus IP Modem to send the report of equipment status at regular intervals.