Four-Faith Industrial Router with 4G Sim Slot F3A36 successful application and Hainan charging pile Networking

Date:2016-10-26 10:24:06

With the development of Hainan socio-economic, the quantity of car continued rise, It has important significance to develop electric vehicles, to ensure energy security, promote energy conservation, air pollution prevention, promote the construction of Hainan international tourism island "green large transport network." . According to the type of electric vehicle, Hainan will build 28,000 charging pile to 2020.


1. The installation drawing of Hainan Charging pile project

Four-faith Communication as the exclusive wireless communications service provider of Hainan maximum charging pile projects,upgrade all the devices which involved in the charging pile project by network, Solve the networking issues of wireless communication and devices in this project, improve the stability of terminal devices and system operation,thereby improving the quality of convenience service.

For the charging piles(stations) networking needs of Hainan customer, combined with the Internet + applications, Four-faith communication with IoT wireless networking technology and years of successful experience in the power system, introduced a professional wireless communications networking products and technology solutions, in terms of wireless networking, remote monitoring, WiFi value-added services and data applications, to meet the  demands of user company's operations different types of charging piles.



2. The installation drawing of Hainan Charging pile project

Charging piles wireless data transmission applications is composed of electric vehicle, charging piles, industrial wireless routers and M2M cloud management platform. Wherein, M2M cloud management platform including WEB-side control platform, mobile phone APP terminal and cloud servers. Through the WEB-side or APP Client, users can discover charge piles’ detail location, usage and pay conditions, can also early use the booking service to the charge pile at any time.



3. The installation drawing of Hainan Charging pile project

The Industrial wireless router in this project is Four-Faith Industrial Router with 4G Sim Slot F3A36, with these features: having fully compatible with the networks of 3 major operates, high-speed 4G communications, easy to deploy and easy to implement, convenient to upgrade and maintenance. And operators with M2M management platform achieved the real-time status monitoring, remote management and information update and release for the charging pile devices.  greatly improving the stability and security of the system, saving labor costs and operation and maintenance costs, improving operating efficiency.

The charging pile networking project covers the numerous charging pile devices of public places and regions where have large steady people flow, such as expressway, large garage, tourist attractions, and commercial buildings, ensure that all the devices maintain a long trouble-free operation, greatly enhance the good brand image of the partner, help Hainan develop the green transport industry.


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