Four-Faith F2114 GPRS Modem for Remote Maintenance Applications in Wind Farm

Remote Maintenance Applications GPRS Modem Wind Farm Application

Four-Faith proposed wind farms in remote maintenance system based on wireless communication, which can effectively reduce the maintenance costs of the wind farm, and improve work efficiency. 

Power Switch Monitoring System

Power Switch Monitoring System Power Switch Monitoring

line is becoming more and more complex, relying on the pole vacuum switch, when the line load and fault, switch will automatically trip off protection grid security.

Four-Faith Industrial Router for Transformer Application (Real case)

Industrial Router Router for Transformer Application

The transformer is a key and expressive equipment in power system, which bears the responsibility of voltage conversion, power distribution and transfer. 

Automatic Meter Reading Via Cellular Networks

Automatic Meter Reading AMR application

 Automatic meter reading, or AMR, is the technology of automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic, and status data from energy metering devices (gas, electric) or water meter and transferring that data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing.

Mine Monitoring Applications

Mine Monitoring Mine Monitoring applications

Numerous mining disaster alarm people that they should spend more energy in building a real-time information systems to manage operators and ensure safety of mine area.

Remote Automatic Meter Reading System Application

Remote Automatic Meter Reading System Application

Traditional gas station information system is hard to meet current need of security of data transmission and data storage, which real time, fast and wide range data transmission among all gas station is needed.