Industrial Router for Remote Meter Reading Application in Shanghai

Date:2016-08-25 14:59:28

Project Background:

Building’s high-power distribution room need to do a remote meter reading, in order to make a real time monitoring situation. Due to some building didn’t do remote meter reading at the beginning, and didn’t install cables, it do cause  trouble to reform the line and to have cables when building construction is finished. Therefore, we suggest client to use wireless remote meter reading.


Network Topology

Four-Faith F3A36 4G/LTE-FDD Industrial Router works with SIM card to connect operator’s network, and put 32 pieces meters in client’s each power distribution cabinet, then through RS485 main line to connect to TRIDIUM controller, let control equipment to collect all ammeters’ data with encryption, finally the F3A36 will provide network and send all date to remote server to realize real time monitoring.

Application pictures on site



Onsite environment and product advantage

The router is located in basement floor 1 or 2, each distribution room connects  10KV high voltage. The indoor temperature is a bit higher and not suitable for people to stay too long. But our equipment can adapts to high temperature environment and no need personnel to watch, it can work properly.. Our equipment can no only keep running stably but also have very good environment adaption.


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