Four-Faith Industrial 3G Router WIFI used in charging pile in Spain

Industrial 3G Router charging pile application charging pile solution

Charging pile is the most important facilities in electric system, generally is fixed on the side of the road or in the parking lot, using special charging interface and the transmission way to provide ac power for the electric vehicles.

Wireless Charging Pile Monitoring Applications

charging pile monitoring charging pile monitoring application charging pile monitoring solution

For a city, charging piles need to focus on management, including : billing, charging pile status information, etc. , the data can be aggregated by the local wireless transmission equipment in a data center, easy to manage.

Power Remote Automatic Meter Reading Applications

meter reading applications remote automatic meter reading automatic meter reading application

Multiple meters by RS485 communication interface to capture data transmitted on the concentrator, concentrator via RS485 communication interface and GPRS IP modem (F2114) connection, remote data center server can use APN Line or ADSL, etc.

Wireless Monitoring on Load Breaking Switches of Power Distribution Network

load breaking switches switches of power distribution Wireless monitoring on distribution

Opening/closing info of load breaking switches can be real time monitored  and alarmed, monitoring on current, voltage can also be achieved.

Application in Reactive Compensation

terminals of power system reactive compensation reactive compensation Application

F2103 cellular IP Modem wireless communication module, is the bridge between server and on-site controller. It enables the parameter which gained by controller be transmitted in long distance.

Feeder remote monitoring application

power distribution terminal FTU monitoring application FTU monitoring solution

Due to the demand of automatic power distribution, install power distribution terminal FTU ( power distribution terminal,FTU monitoring application,FTU monitoring solution )according to loading distribution criteria on 10KV feeder, and realize real communication. Data are sent to main center through GPRS network.