Remote Automatic Meter Reading System Application

Date:2011-01-06 11:42:00

1. Preface
With the fast-growing of Chinese economy and transportation infrastructure, more and more people have their own auto, at the same time, more and more logistics company has been set up to focus on the transportation of cargos, which contribute too much to economy and people’s life. As we all know, oil is the essential materials of auto, truck, etc., in this case, gas station has played an important role on the vehicle. With the popularity of gas station national wide, how to monitor and manage the gas stations anywhere has become a tough topic to the oil companies in China.
Traditional gas station information system is hard to meet current need of security of data transmission and data storage, which real time, fast and wide range data transmission among all gas station is needed. Thus, a solution based on GPRS network has been found to solve this problem.
System analysis

System requirements

1. Gas station data acquisition terminals

The role of data acquisition terminal is as below

A. Gas station oilcan real time data monitoring: it can monitor the input and output of oilcan, pipeline leak condition and environment of oil storage in real time.

B. Oil dealing data: it can collect all dealing data which is helpful for sales and marketing analysis for oil companies.

C. IC card system data: automatically collect the data of oil dealing and e-payment
2. Wireless data transmission device

Four-Faith F2103 GPRS IP 4G Modem designed with TCP/IP stack, supports transparent data transmission and RS232/485, etc.( For more info, please log onto )
3. Data center

The main role of data center is, gas station business management(collecting and managing the business data from all gas station), security management(remote monitoring the gas station), data management(database backup and recovery, etc.)
Brief Introduction

Gas station data acquisition terminals are connected with Four-Faith GPRS 4G LTE Modem F2103 via RS232 or RS485, and public IP, APN and ADSL can be used for accessing internet for data center.
When F2103 is connected with server of data center based on GPRS, a TCP/IP connectivity tunnel will be established for transparent data transmission. So once F2103 get the data from data acquisition terminals, data will be transferred to server of data center, also, the data acquisition terminals can communicate with the server via F2103.

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