Mine Monitoring Applications

Date:2011-06-27 13:51:00


Numerous mining disaster alarm people that they should spend more energy in building a real-time information systems to manage operators and ensure safety of mine area.


System Architecture

1.Collect data, video to data center.
2.Built-in reliability features that will overcome harsh mining conditions, like redundant power supply, wide temperature tolerances, etc..
3.Easy integration with complex subsystems, including underground SCADA control and monitoring, personnel positioning system, wireless communication, and CCTV surveillance systems.
4.Real-time alarm and event management.

Mine Monitoring

Program Features

1.Terminal system via GPRS/CDMA/EBDO/WCDMA network
2.Auto recovery mechanism, including online detect, auto redial when offline to make it always online 
3.Terminal transmission module supports a variety of activation. Such as: voice calls, SMS, data, video
4.Support multi data centers and it can support 5 data centers at the same time
5.Provide secondary development package and multi-language version of the data center server software


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