FTU Monitoring Application

FTU FTU monitoring application FTU monitoring solution power distribution

Automatic managing system of power distribution integrates real info, offline info, customer info, power net construction parameter and location info, and then forming a complete automatic managing system.

Wireless Monitoring on Substations

substations monitoring application

Substation’s comprehensive self-control is an automatic function which use Microcomputer Technology to combine functions and optimize design on secondary devices(measuring meters, signal system, relay protection, automa...

Remote Monitoring for Transformer

monitoring for transformer transformer Remote monitoring modem for transformer

Through the detecting module of characteristic gas, the density of characteristic gas can be detected, and then data are sent to control module through CAN cable. Based on setting, the control module judge if transformer has failure, then send data to monitoring center through Four-Faith F2114 GPRS IP Modem, thus to realize the purpose of remote monitoring.

Substation Wireless Video Surveillance Application

Substation surveillance application Substation video surveillance Substation wireless surveillance

The system is to achieve real-time remote monitoring and to ensure the safety of the unattended substation equipment.

Transmission Line Video Surveillance Application

video surveillance management system Transmission line video surveillance video surveillance application

Four-Faith F3X34 4G/3G Industrial router is connecting to the equipments in this system, with SIM card to provide networking for monitoring terminal and management center.

Transmission Line Fault Wireless Monitoring Application

Transmission line monitoring application Transmission line fault monitoring Transmission line fault solution

Four-Faith F2114 as a transmission equipment to send them to data center through mobile network operator, vice versa, when monitoring center need to ‘telemetry’, ‘remote communication’, ‘remote...