Parking Guidance System Wireless Networking Application
Parking guidance system is composed of data acquisition system、data transmission、information release system and central management system.

Public Bike System Wireless Networking Application
Public bike renting system is composed of management center, service station, renting station. Four-Faith router is used in bike renting station, via the operator network for realizing data exchange between management system and platform, data transmission between smart parking system and clearing system and other data transmission of application system.

Introduction for Four-Faith Electric Cars GPS Monitoring System

GPS monitoring system cars GPS monitoring vehicle terminal gps monitoring

Once the vehicle has vibration, displacement, disconnect the battery and other abnormal situations, GPS monitoring terminal installed in the vehicle will send alarm message to the owner, is convenient for the owner rush to the scene or alarm promptly.

Industrial Router Successfully Applied in Vehicle Intelligent Video Surveillance

Industrial 3G router video surveillance intelligent video surveilla

Vehicle intelligent video monitoring system using 3G network to realize real-time online of network camera, the backstage can be very convenient for video browsing and front-end control

Dual SIM Card Router F3B3X for Vehicle Video Camera Surveillance
Video camera monitoring router in the vehicle transfers images to video server DVR,DVR video compression coding module compress and process them,then transferred to monitoring center by Four-Faith via network operator.

Remote Audio/Video Distress Security Applications
More and more people travel by car,which makes the accidents increased year by year in road,even though the danger section of conspicuous place have safety signs, warning, but still can not avoid the occurrence of a...