Enjoy High Speed Bandwidth in the Intelligent Bus Via Four-Faith F3X34 Router
F3X34 high-speed router series use WCDMA / EVDO / of LTE / HSPA + to provide wireless long-distance data transmission. 

4G/3G Router for Road Motorized Transport Equipment Networking in Australia
Smart "traffic commander" - road motorized traffic display is everywhere in highway in Australia. Modern urban traffic pressure is getting bigger.

Four-Faith Vehicle Tracking System Solutions

Vehicle Tracking System gps gprs modem gprs modem

Many logistic company try to find a best way to upgrade the vehicle tracking system, in order to accommodate growing competition and provide premium service .By employing IP-based technology, the operator can remotely monitor vehicle system status and receive early warnings of systems malfunctions.

GPS Positioning Bus Video Surveillance System
Developed with the traffic flow of people increases, the various buses began to increase in recent years . remote monitoring system to improve the bus monitor use bus wifi router and cctv surveillance router.

Remote LED Display System Based on WCDMA 3G Modem
The system is based on WCDMA radio network technology to provide universal LED traffic control interface, to achieve large-scale LED display network.

Data Transmission System on Public CCTV Surveillance Router

Data Transmission System cctv surveillance router cctv monitoring router cctv transmission system

Public transport service system(CCTV surveillance router monitoring ) is an important indicator for an urban civilization. With the gradual expansion of the existing urban scale, the public transportation system in urban transport is playing an increasingly important role