Bus Monitoring Application and CCTV Surveillance Router

Date:2014-04-24 17:10:00

          3G mobile video/cctv surveillance router solution of bus, it uses AV,3G/4G wireless network, GPS/GIS system, mobile unit, installing 3-4 cameras, laying DVR, F3X34 router is connected with DVR. After autodial, F3X34 HSDPA router supplies the network channel for DVR and make it set up connection with central server. Then the router will send video/cctv to monitoring center so that the staffs can real-time check the status of the bus for ensuring the bus safety, dispatch, emergency prevention,etc.

Why clients choose Four-Faith?

1. High-speed

High-powered industrial grade 32 CPU, preventing big data package losing, ensuring the stable and efficient transmission.

2. Shock Proof

Shock proof design for the moving

3. Safety Driving

Low power supply, no fire for ensuring safety driving

4. Convenient Power Source

Wide voltage design (DC5-35V), vehicle power supply is available

5. Real-Time Online

Real-time online, self-recovery once offline, stable and efficient video transmission

Successful Cases

Singapore bus monitoring project        Australia bus monitoring project         Xiamen bus monitoring project            USA bus monitoring project

Customer’s feedback

Singapore Customer: in March this year, our company is responsible for more than fifty school buses to realize mobile video full surveillance. Four-Faith router main function is wireless communication, simply operation, and transmission rate is awesome.

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