Four-Faith Gprs modem F2103 for LED control application

Gprs modem F2103 LED control application Gprs modem for LED control

A system integrator in Bulgaria purchase 700pcs Gprs modem F2103 for LED control application in city transportation.

Industrial Router Application for Traffic Guidance Screen Wireless Network

Industrial wireless router Industrial wireless router application traffic guidance screen

Four-Faith Industrial wireless router application for traffic guidance screen wireless network in reduce the road network blocking reproducibility and improve road safety, ease the congestion, and to enhance the efficiency of the travel.

Four-Faith Industrial 4G router for Turkey highway video surveillance system

Industrial 4G router video surveillance system 4G router for highway

Four-Faith F3X36 4G LTE Industrial router works as communication part, its environmental adaptability, high data transfer rate, transmission is stable and reliable, easy to use, standard, fast return on investment costs , etc.

Four-Faith F7114 GPS Cellular Modem for Refrigerated Container

GPS cellular modem refrigerated container modem

A customer from New Zealand using F7114 GPS Cellular Modem with their own GPS server to track the trace of refrigerated container and to get the location of the container. Also F7114 is connecting to the temperature & humidity sensor to monitor the condition of the container.

Four-Faith 150 Units F3B32 3G Dual Sim Router for LED Display in Thailand

LED display router LED advertising system wireless distribution system

LED advertising system integrator encountered a bottleneck in terms of large-scale wireless network device router management.

F7414 GPS UMTS Modem Application For Fleet Vehicle Location

Fleet Vehicle Location Application For Fleet Vehicle Fleet Vehicle Solutions

Fleet vehicles may carry thousands of dollars in inventory as they travel the highways. Managers and dispatchers need meaningful location information, especially when decisions must be made about mobile asset deployment, productivity, emergency response and regulatory compliance.