Four-Faith Industrial Router Application in Intelligent Traffic System

traffic monitoring system intelligent traffic system intelligent traffic router

Four-Faith 3G/4G Industrial Router or ip modem Low Consumption IP Modem works as wireless communication device.3G/4G wireless router will transfer the video data to the managing center.

CCTV Surveillance System and Vehicle Tracking Via 3G GPS

cctv surveillance router surveillance system 3G GPS router car gps surveillance vehicle tracking ambulance tracking

The cctv surveillance router system and vehicle tracking consists of one remote data center and onsite DVR+GPS router which can acquire and collect and transfer data.goverment should offer more reliable and safe tracking & cctv monitoring system which passenger will satisfy   

4G/3G Industrial Wireless Router Based on the Application of Bus Lane Enforcemen

bus lane enforcement system application of bus road capture system vehicle monitoring device

Through Four-Faith 4G/3G router GPS WIFI device F7X34 GPS function, the system can real-time, accurate positioning of each bus location. Can click on the map for a bus real-time GIF image, access to capture images, ...

Video surveillance router data transmission for driving school’s cars

vehicle monitoring system video surveillance router wireless transmission device

Video surveillance system is composed of vehicle monitoring system, wireless transmission device, video surveillance platform server and video surveillance router.

Bus Monitoring Application and CCTV Surveillance Router

Bus monitoring application bus monitoring router cctv surveillance router

3G mobile video/cctv surveillance router solution of bus, it uses AV,3G/4G wireless network, GPS/GIS system, mobile unit, installing 3-4 cameras, laying DVR,F3X34 router is connected with DVR

Bus E-card Wireless Networking Application
E-card smart bus system is mainly composed of data service center,F2X03 IP MODEM and terminal controller. Combination of GPRS and GPS technology