Industry's First! Four-Faith 5G Terminal Successfully Passes China Unicom's RedCap Industrial Router Commercial Capability Certification Test


Recently, Four-Faith's 5G Industrial Router passed the China Unicom 5G IoT OPENLAB's capability certification test, marking the industry's first innovative incubation of a commercial RedCap industrial router terminal. China Unicom awarded Four-Faith the first OPENLAB certification certificate for RedCap terminals.
China Mobile Collaborates with Four-Faith and Other Industry Partners to Release 5G RedCap White Paper, Accelerating RedCap Commercialization

5G RedCap RedCap Technology 5G Networks

On June 28, 2023, the Shanghai World Mobile Communication Conference grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. China Mobile, together with industry partners like Four-Faith, jointly released the "5G RedCap Lightweight Generic Module Technology Requirements White Paper".
5G Base Station - The Core Equipment of 5G Network

5G Base Station

5G base station is the core equipment of 5G network, which provides wireless coverage and realizes wireless signal transmission between wired communication network and wireless terminal.
What is 5G Radio Frequency? Interesting Black Technology of 5G Radio Frequency

5G Radio Frequency

5G radio frequency, literally, Radio Frequency means radio frequency. Radio frequency signals specifically refer to wireless electromagnetic waves in the frequency range of 300KHz~300GHz.
5G Millimeter Wave - Communication Industry Terminology

5G Millimeter Wave

5G millimeter wave technology is an important basic technology in 5G applications. Millimeter wave refers to a special electromagnetic wave with a wavelength of 1 mm to 10 mm and a fluctuating frequency of 30GHz-300GHz.
New Infrastructure Construction - China's Economic Development Policy

New Infrastructure Construction

The construction of new infrastructure (abbreviation: new infrastructure) mainly includes 5G base station construction, UHV, intercity high-speed railway and urban rail transit, new energy vehicle charging piles, big data centers, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet.
Four-Faith Attends 2023 Singapore Communications Exhibition, Ahead of Deploying in Southeast Asian 5G Market

Singapore Communication Exhibition

On June 7th, the 2023 Singapore Communication Exhibition, one of the largest and most influential global events in the communication technology industry, was held at the Singapore Expo Center. The exhibition gathered 600 exhibitors from around the world and focused on various critical and emerging technologies in the industry. 
Four-Faith was selected into China Mobile's RedCap combat team to accelerate the commercial use of end-to-end RedCap 5G
On May 26, the first meeting of China Mobile's mobile communication sub-chain network working group was successfully held in Beijing. At the meeting, a new batch of RedCap combat teams was released.
New Opportunities, New Future | Four-Faith Will Debut at Africa's Most Professional Smart Energy Week Exhibition

Smart Energy Week Exhibition

From May 16 to 18, 2023, the South Africa International Power Energy, Smart Grid, and Metering Exhibition will be grandly held at the Cape Town International Convention Center.
How to Implement the Fixed Wireless Access Network? Introduction to Fixed Wireless Access Networks

Fixed Wireless Access Network

The fixed wireless access network refers to the part or all of the service node to the fixed user terminal adopting the wireless mode. Terminals of fixed wireless access systems with or without limited mobility.