Four-Faith Intelligent IoT Monitoring Solution of Power Distribution Room

Date:2021-08-24 09:39:18


With the development of society and economy, the power distribution room management has been one of the weak links of the power supply system reliability of operation and management. How to solve the problem about the wide range of power distribution room, complex operating environment and, etc. Effective utilization of high and new technology to improve efficiency, reduce cost, achieve high quality power distribution room monitoring has become increasingly important.
Four-Faith intelligent IoT monitoring solution of power distribution room according to the present situation & demands, using modern power distribution room monitoring method for real-time monitoring and control to achieve the power distribution room visualization of real-time video monitoring and active alarm. Achieve the early warning information collection, processing, to realize the remote control of multidimensional. Ensure the safety of the operating environment at the power distribution room.
Power Distribution Room
Pain Point
Early Warning Lag
The traditional power distribution room lacks the pre-warning function, and the inspection frequency is low. When abnormal problems occur, it is difficult to control them in real-time.
Manpower Cost High
Power distribution room monitoring costs too much manpower and material resources, human supervision is difficult to find abnormalities in time, cannot be the first time to deal with hidden dangers.
Environment Abnormal 
Normally, the distribution room temperature higher than the equipment operating temperature. It is easy to cause fire accident, environmental discharge/leaking and short circuit.
Security Safety 
Under the traditional model of power distribution room management, the equipment room door doesn't close tightly, information disclosure, the line was pulling up, change or destroy, and have other security hidden danger.
Solution Introduction
Four-Faith intelligent IoT monitoring solution of power distribution room using Four-Faith intelligent IoT bullet IP camera, this product integration functions of RTU, reserve a variety of IoT interfaces to achieve the seamless connection of all kinds of power distribution room door magnetic sensors, temperature and humidity sensor, the fire alarm detector, voltage & current detector, etc. 
To achieve data & image acquisition and implement a variety of electric power transformation of the proprietary protocol. No need to set up the additional configuration switches, routers, and other equipment. Front-end equipment collects the data and transfer to monitoring platform to achieve the unified management without manual inspection maintenance. In addition, it can also realize real-time monitoring and information notice at the same time. Have comprehensive monitoring & alarm functions can realize intelligent remote control and management of equipment.
Intelligent IoT
Solution Advantages
24 Hours Full-time Inspection, Real-time Abnormal Alarm
The monitoring system of the power distribution room provides 24-hour inspection. Once an exception is detected, the system generates real-time alarms to ensure the power distribution room security.
Highly Integrated & Unified, Convenient Management, Cost Reduction
Four-Faith Intelligent IoT monitoring products provide a variety of interfaces and support a variety of protocols. Only a single terminal can access a variety of devices for collection linkage, greatly reducing the cost of deployment and maintenance, and the unified integration is for easy management and control.
Remote Environment Monitoring, Reduces Maintenance Personnel
Real-time monitoring the data of power distribution room environment, equipment running status. Unified management of electrical equipment on the site to avoid the staff to the site of the tedious work of inspection. Staff can fully grasp all the information of the equipment room in the monitoring room.
Automatic Monitoring System, Improve Management Efficiency
Through the background, administrators can intuitively understand the overall running status of the power distribution room, monitoring data, alarm information, and other important information. Improve management efficiency, reduce the workload of manual inspection, and reduce labor costs for enterprises. At the same time, the potential accident can be predicted in advance, early intervention, reduce the cost of accident treatment.

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