Self-Service Payment Terminals Wireless Networking Applications

Date:2014-10-22 15:58:00

Self-Service Payment Terminals Wireless Networking Applications

Self-service payment inquiry system is made up by payment platform, recharge payment terminal,  F3A36 4G/LTE Industrial Router with Full Band Coverage and other industrial Wireless Router equipment. Self-service payment terminals wireless networking applications as new inquiries channels and services in the form of fees paid to bring our customers a quick and convenient.

Four-Faith F3436 3G Industrial WCDMA Router via APN / VPDN private network with UnionPay system, customer service system to establish a VPN connection, reporting and management of business data through the private network and multiple data encryption methods to ensure that business data, security management data. Corporate data center through APN / VPDN lanes to get from each recharge outlets initiative to report business data and manage data, and data storage, handling, application, historical trend analysis, report printing.

Self-Service Payment Terminals Applications

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