Four-Faith Success Served Advertising Machine Self-service Terminal Customers

Date:2014-01-06 11:02:00

The demand of LCD in China gradually increases along with the development and improvement of era.But LCDs already cannot meet the requirements of most merchants, as the world is calling for the developments of informatization, digitization and networking.While we aren’t able to guarantee the connection of wired Internet in every place, the wireless internet seems even more important at this moment.Meanwhile, net advertising machine is even more important since the usage of it is now wide spread extensively, for instance, the airport, train station, bus, subways and so on.And for now, the net advertising machine requires strong wireless network such as 3G, WIFI, etc.

Xiamen Four-Faith, as a main supplier of Wireless transmission terminal equipment in the financial industry, has successfully served the Beijing advertising machine self-service terminal customers in Beijing. Xiamen Four-Faith, in 2012, had established cooperation relationship with a LCD factory in Beijing, together they completed many advertising machine self-service terminal projects in Beijing, Xiamen, Changsha and many other cities. Xiamen Four-Faith and the factory had provided 600 3G router products to make up communications network systems altogether.

The system is made up of LCD, Four-Faith Industrial grade 3G router and the basic platform of operation management service.

It transmits data by 3G. Besides, Four-Faith 3G industrial grade router has higher security, reliability and stability, comparing to the other transmitting terminal equipment. Moreover, we guarantee the advantages that we are always online, secured with password, parameter hidden and mobile reset, etc.

Advertising providers can achieve scheduled management, centralized controlling and media transmission through this system just by remote operations. This not only reduced human resources but also provided more current advertising materials for normal users.

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