Four-Faith GSM Modem Successfully Applied in Heat Meter Reading System

Date:2013-12-03 11:27:00

With the deepening of China's reform of heating fee system, heat meters have been installed into the household. But for a long time, property management dept of residential area collects the data of meters manually. The artificially large because the statistics, error, human error and other property management and users to great inconvenience. The shortages of manually method are huge statistics working, big error, personal error that make it inconvenience to property management dept and the user. Currently, meter reading technology is diverse: Wireless, bus, carrier and so on. Among these, wireless meter reading is mature and easy to operation with high data transfer rate, high reliability, with the advantages of the reduction of manpower & material resources, working efficiency improvement and high reliability, which is the main development direction for current meter reading system.

An Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. In Shijiazhuang responses to the national "energy conservation" policy call, since 2012 and belongs signed an agreement to install household heat metering instruments with their heating heating companies, and set up remote meter reading system.

System consists of four parts:

1, an instrument, household heat meters; 2, M-bus-copy device; 3, GPRS communication section; 4, center software section.

Each household is installed a heat meter with M-bus communication interface. Set copy reading system connects meters of a building as a unit to a M-bus bus, and eventually connects to M-bus interface of the building, set coy connect to GPRS wireless communication terminals (Four-Faith F2103 IP modem) via RS485 interface, and F2103 access to GPRS data platform through the public network data card, then eventually send the data to data center, data center software will deal with data display, data storage, historical inquiry, data analysis, report generation, printing and web publishing after data received.

Topology is as follows,

Application diagram below,

GPRS DTU ( Four-Faith F2103 IP 4G modem, communication part ) of Meter reading system is convenient for parameter configuration, less dropped rate after online, 100% data integrity rate for data center inquiry. Project contractor agreed that the system is fully functional, stable performance, advanced technology and construction specification. With using M-bus technology to solve the problem of power supply and communication of the meters, GPRS wireless communication terminals (Four-Faith F2103 4G LTE modem) short the distance of the buildings and power station. The use of new technology is effectively compensate for the lack of manual meter reading in the timeliness and accuracy, to a large extent help the companies to improve the efficiency of thermoelectric and production management level.

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