GPRS DTU for Distributed Off-grid Solar Power Station Monitoring System

Date:2014-02-20 11:42:00

System survey:

The distributed off-grid solar power station monitoring system is aim at solar street lamp or distributed off-grid power station long-distance real time on-line monitoring of R&D.Ii will through solar cell array voltage and electricity、load working current and ambient temperature and  humidity,will real time warning、alarm、generating statistics,and it have controllable function for hardwired on-off,accuracy and effective control segment hardwired on-off,will protect solar power supply system.The system can on-line monitoring solar system accumulator capacity and socking out time,provide reliable basis for site user grasp effective solar power supply system running status and fault protection, to avoid failure of a solar power supply system,cause the damage by load,maintenance work effective is improve,reduce the maintenance cost and staff cost. The application network diagram of distributed off-grid solar power station monitoring system as follow.

Four-faith in the Beijing area customers a system integration, in the distributed off-grid solar power station monitoring system through GPRS DTU remotely(adopt four-faith wireless communication terminal F2103 IP MODEM)wireless way port computer supervisory control,provide real-time monitoring、alarm、report forms、curve, query and pivot、parameter determination etc, the system will more humanization,simplicity of operator.realize the long-distance unattended operation manage for power station.

Customer design 《The distributed off-grid solar power station monitoring system》simulation demonstration

Customer evaluation: As the Internet of things application in the field of new energy,through use four-faith communication GPRS terminal product can realize the remote transmission of date,can be realized multiple distributed site monitoring network management.At present use four-faith F2103 terminal product can realized long-distance upper computer software data interaction,use four-faith wireless communication terminal F1103 ( SMS 4G MODEM ) can realized SMS warning function,use F2003 4G LTE MODEM can realized data forwarding functions of mobile phone, since 2011, the test feedback is good."

《The distributed off-grid solar power station monitoring system》practical engineering field picture

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