Based on GPRS Transmission Line Malfunction Monitoring Scheme

transmission line malfunction malfunction monitoring scheme malfunction monitoring System

Transmission line malfunction monitoring system consists of three parts:  Hanging on the line and fiber optic cable type fault indicator data acquisition (ODU)、Four-Faith communication terminal F2114 ( GPRS IP MODEM )、dispatch center system.

Electric Vehicles Recharging Points Remote Monitoring Application

Electric vehicles recharging points vehicles recharging monitoring remote monitoring application

The monitoring system is composed of recharging,F2X03 IP MODEM and management platform.The data acquisition unit is responsible for collecting the information from the charging pile, then the data will be transmitted by rs485 to the managing platform.

Feeder Remote Monitoring Application

remote monitoring application Feeder remote monitoring Feeder Monitoring System

Feeder terminal need data acquisition and fault detect, the most important is to communication with distribution station or substation, and transmit telemetering, telecommand and trouble signal to station or substation, and carry out guidance command from station or substation

Power Line Wireless Video Monitoring Application

video monitoring application Power line application Power line wireless monitoring wireless monitoring application

Long distance high-voltage transmission line in a harsh geographical environment and weather conditions, it not only bear harsh weather but also prevent stealing and destroying.Based on the video monitoring system of wireless communication network

Four-Faith 4G/3G Router for Video Surveillance System for Electricity High-voltage Lines

video surveillance system router for video video surveillance

Four-Faith partner proposes a distributed off-grid solar power monitoring system for online monitoring power lines of  backbone erection, according to the State Grid Corporation general requirements of "transmission line condition monitoring system construction principles (Trial)".