Substation Wireless Video Surveillance Application

Date:2014-09-24 10:53:00

Substation wireless video surveillance application

The system is to achieve real-time remote monitoring and to ensure the safety of the unattended substation equipment. By using F3X34 3G/4G Industrial Router to monitor the wastage and sabotage of power facilities, and send real-time video to data center, the system will issue a pre-alarm message in a variety of ways to inform the staff to respond to the alarm point and take necessary precautions when exceptional situations occur.

Substation wireless video surveillance Solution

According to the application features and managing mode, this system consist of monitoring center, regional monitoring center and end terminal system.One or multi DVR will be installed at the end terminal, and the data from the DVR will be transferred to the monitoring center to realize the real time monitoring.

Why Four-Faith?

1. Always online:

Reliable network and prevent dropping smartly; support online detect, online maintenance, and auto dial, to secure the reliable transmission of data.

2Adapt to rigid environment:

Metal housing, IP30 protection, high-low temperature resistance, strong resistance to correction, suitable for complicated electricity power sites.

3Remote control:

Provide remote equipment surveillance and system maintenance through wireless network, greatly cut down  maintenance cost.

4Easy installation:

Wireless networking, out of the box, quick and convenient in site maintenance.

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