Four-Faith Industrial 4G router for Turkey highway video surveillance system

Date:2015-03-05 16:27:00

Four-Faith Industrial 4G router for Turkey highway video surveillance system

         As Turkey's high-speed economic develops in recent years, lead to a rapid increase in the demand for roads and other infrastructure. Especially highway construction is limited to the scale of investment, power supplying and transmission channels and other factors, the monitoring system laying density is very limited, and there are many blind spot monitoring.

         With the IOT& video surveillance technology becoming more sophisticated, the highly hoped " intelligent transportation " rapid develops in recent years.

         A series of transportation problems and accidents related have been fundamentally solved by intelligent transportation system.

         In order to monitor the all highways in Turkey and maximize highway emergency dispatching services, Four-Faith and Turkey local system integrator developed highway video surveillance system.

         Four-Faith F3X36 4G LTE Industrial router works as communication part, its environmental adaptability, high data transfer rate, transmission is stable and reliable, easy to use, standard, fast return on investment costs , etc. , have been widely used in the transport sector and flexible network monitoring project.

Project Field Application:

Four-Faith 4G Industrial Router

          System have achieved full freeway traffic real-time monitoring of events for a variety of all-weather traffic incidents, accidents ( including vehicle suspended, traffic jams, accidents, vehicle queue overrun, retrograde vehicles, pedestrians, fire, parabolic, etc. ) for automatic monitoring, rapid automatic alarm and video. Monitoring system can achieve multi-sectoral linkage. Staff in the control room by two kilometers or per kilometer 2 cameras in real-time monitoring of traffic, will effectively control speeding, overloading, illegal lane and other acts.

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