Intelligent Logistics Solution Based on Four-Faith GPRS DTU Series

Date:2021-08-16 11:29:32


Logistics refers to the overall process of managing resources of obtaining, storing, and transporting. Logistics management involves identifying potential distributors, suppliers and determining their effectiveness & accessibility.
Intelligent logistics can be defined as the combination of logistics management of optimize transportation systems through effective use of data & optimize transportation systems organization, planning, control, and execution of moving goods.
Intelligent Logistics
Pain Point
Aging logistics facilities, single service functions, high labor costs.
Logistics enterprises cannot automatically obtain the location information of logistics vehicles and cannot perform automatic monitoring.
The delivery of valuables goods cannot be monitored in real-time so that the normal conditions cannot be detected in time.
Asset Location Tracking and Prevention
Cargo Environmental Monitoring
Truck Oil Level and Efficiency Test
Location of Truck
Vehicle Speed Monitoring
Supply Chain Data Service
Intelligent Logistics Solution Introduction
Through Four-Faith GPRS DTU series, monitoring system and router application of Four-Faith intelligent logistics solutions to achieve from the warehouse, logistics transportation to the delivery cabinet logistics real-time monitoring.
The system is convenient for background operation, maintenance, easy for users to monitor the current logistics situation, timely notification about the transport location of goods. In addition, it can help logistics providers coordinate the transportation of goods and meet users' needs for the real-time location of purchased goods.
Intelligent Logistics Solution Advantages
Intelligent Analysis
Optimize the Decision
Real-time Monitoring
Lower Maintenance Cost
Convenient Centralized Management

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