4G/3G Industrial Wireless Router Based on the Application of Bus Lane Enforcemen

Date:2014-06-18 17:25:00

With the further development of the city, social vehicles also gradually increases, the bus lanes are often occupied by vehicles, given the current domestic traffic situation, to establish a set of occupy bus lane illegal monitoring system is particularly necessary on the basis of bus lane.

At present, to occupy bus lane illegal check is used mainly in fixed mode, which is installed on the vehicle monitoring system is to capture the society occupy bus lane on the side of the road. But because of the roadside candid camera position is fixed, a long time the driver easy identification, thus bypassing the monitoring area, which is not of peccancy vehicle for illegal purpose.Based on this situation, the best solution is to install the bus lane road capture system in the bus, the bus driving in front of a society is to capture the vehicle. In order to ensure the bus driving ahead without social vehicle stop, truly bus in College Road can run in both directions unblockedly, give full play to the role of bus lane.

Bus lane road capture system, which belongs to a set of dynamic capture equipment, the whole dynamic capture device is arranged on a bus, using intelligent video analysis technology, the bus lanes, BRT lanes for comprehensive coverage, uninterrupted mobile monitoring, automatic (or manual) evidence photos. If social vehicles entering the lane, will be exposed to the electron capture system, bus group uploaded to the traffic police department, carries on processing to the illegal vehicle. The use of the system to prevent the occupation of the bus lane social vehicles, ensure the vehicle can travel unimpeded, improve bus line congestion.

For the realization of vehicle in the occupation of bus lane, the system automatically capture images and video to the local camera store, can use Four-Faith Industrial 4G/3G wireless router way to upload to the Traffic Control Center, realize the on road vehicle monitoring.

When the bus lane was occupied, capture system will take vehicle information captured by the monitoring platform, video and pictures sent to the control center through the 4G/3G wireless network, thus monitoring platform center occupy bus to capture information, view snapshots vehicle.

Through Four-Faith 4G/3G router GPS WIFI device F7X34 GPS function, the system can real-time, accurate positioning of each bus location. Can click on the map for a bus real-time GIF image, access to capture images, and in the GIS map of the public transit vehicle trajectory reconstruction. At the same time, the vehicle monitoring device can also automatically through GPS clock synchronization.

This scheme can effectively on the bus lane regulation, ease the bus line pressure. The project investment with quick effect, low technical requirements, features high imaging quality, snapping pictures of good effect, high integration, flexible installation etc.. It will become a powerful technique guarantee for the normal operation of public transport vehicles, play the role of bus lane.

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