CCTV Surveillance System and Vehicle Tracking Via 3G GPS

Date:2014-03-11 14:01:00

The cctv surveillance router system and vehicle tracking consists of one remote data center and onsite DVR(cctv monitoring router)+GPS router which can acquire and collect and transfer data.goverment should offer more reliable and safe tracking & cctv monitoring system which passenger will satisfy.
Now adays More and more people tend to pay more attention to security of public transportation,GPS+DVR(cctv monitoring router) positioning and surveillance system plays a essential role in safety protection and unexpected incident.So public transportation company should offer more reliable and safe tracking & monitoring system which passenger will satisfy .

As a special operator ,public transportation company focuses on integrating excellent GPS+DVR(cctv monitoring router) device for this system,providing premium service .By employing IP-based technology, the operator can remotely monitor vehicle system status and receive early warnings of systems malfunctions by positioning and tracking.

The vehicle tracking and surveillance system consists of one remote data center and onsite DVR+GPS router which can acquire and collect and transfer data. In this project , FourFaith F7X34 act as transmission and tracking facility that quickly and exactly send monitoring information to remote data supervising and controlling center.F7X34 bridges the connection between remote data center and operating vehicle, not only sending surveillance information ,also providing positioning function. It is important for operator in the data center to supervise and control the vehicle working condition.F7X34 transfers such data and video quickly exactly from on-site to controlling center ,in case of emergency happening.

F7X34 also can supply wifi signal, passenger can access Internet to read news,send emails and so on.

System Topology

cctv monitoring router

cctv monitoring router satisfy

The vehicle tracking (F7X34) could be used for school bus ,public transportation bus,car gps surveillance,ambulance tracking,money bus positioning and surveillance and so on.

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