Four-Faith 150 Units F3B32 3G Dual Sim Router for LED Display in Thailand

Date:2014-08-20 15:23:00

Outdoor LED display is now the largest and the most widely distributed advertising media. Along with urban development, the demand for outdoor advertising market continues to improve, LED displays become one of the most effective ways of advertising to enhance the image of enterprises and public institutions rapidly, improve market recognition, and promote consumption. The past two years, outdoor LED display has become the new darling of the advertisers in the commercial center of the city in Thailand, outdoor LED display everywhere, becoming one of the ideal choice for outdoor advertising.

With several years experience in wireless terminals field, Four-Faith has accumulated a wealth of good reputation. Four-Faith is few on the market that have the ability to provide a complete wireless distribution system software and wireless communication terminal. We can provide customers with a full set of wireless products and publishing solutions.

LED advertising system integrator encountered a bottleneck in terms of large-scale network device management. The use of advanced 4G/3G wireless communication solutions for efficient networking can be effectively dispersed LED display, the device ROMS, advertising real-time update, is an effective measure to solve the bottlenecks. Four-Faith as the exclusive wireless communication service provider provide the customer 150 units F3B32 3G dual sim router for their LED publishing system project, the implementation of all devices on the network upgrading in parallel to solve LED display wireless communication and equipment networking problems.

F3B32 vpn client dual sim router 3g/4g network

Four-Faith 4G/3G dual sim router is connected by VPN access and the server; VPN server is needed to realize the whole process, the server provide user name and password to the login of F3B32 3G dual sim router. F3B32 support automatic dialing feature that can log in and connect to the server after power on, so the users can use LED control card software via F3B32 about publish content to LED display remotely.

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