GPS Positioning Bus Video Surveillance System

Date:2011-07-28 14:18:00


Developed with the traffic flow of people increases, the various buses began to increase in recent years . The dynamic needs of a modern remote monitoring system to improve the bus monitor use  bus wifi router and cctv surveillance router.

Characteristics of modern surveillance systems to solve the following problem

1. Prevent overloading

2. Positioning bus location

3. Monitoring passenger status

4. Drive to prevent time out

5. Monitoring vehicle speed

6. Bus information from time to time the diagnosis

7. Abnormal alarm

8. Video Surveillance

System project

1.1 Data collectien terminal

Data collectien terminal is consist of video cameras, DVR and On-board control equipments.

1.2 Data transmission terminal

DVR sends data to monitor center via Internet , and our F7623 CDMA-EVDO router does the work between DVR and Internet. F7623 router supports VPN (PPTP ,L2TP ,IPSCE and GRE) , fix ip dialing, Two-way authentication functions. It supports WEB/CLI ,so it is easy to configure F7623. F7623 has one WAN interface ,one LAN interface and one console interface.

1.3 Monitor  center

A VPN server is working in the monitor enter ,and it provides VPN access services for F7623.  The monitor disposes a  variety of datas. The job of monitor center is bellowing: video monitoring , state monitoring, vehicle positioning and information services.

Case Application

2.1 System topology

DVR connect to F7623 ,then sends data to monitor through EVDO network via F7623, realizing the interaction of video , transmiting /receiving, encryption, and decoding. All of the data is through the VPN tunnel transmission. DVR supports multiple transmissions ,for example: real-time transmission, timing transmission, triggering transmission.

bus wifi router

2.2 VPN tunnel

Our F7425 industrial GPS router works as VPN Client ,and can active connected to the VPN Server. VPN Server will distribute VPN tunnel ip to VPN Client, so VPN Client can communicate with VPN Server.

3g cctv surveillance router  on bus 

Brief  introduce

Xiamen four faith based on the current business situation and the need for government regulation, based on the wireless network technology and satellite GPS positioning and monitoring solutions proposed to facilitate users to quickly set up video surveillance platform.


Vehicle wireless video surveillance system with other wireless monitoring systems to ensure the vehicle during the move data and audio and video of the normal communication, and always locate the vehicle position, fully in line with the government and enterprises of the strict requirements of the wholedigital, intelligent, network-based, systematic typical wireless monitoring system.Xiamen four-faith wireless transmission system solutions have been widely used in buses, long-distance transport vehicles, freight vehicles, special vehicles, police, fire and armed police to direct exploration,  flood water, road rescue, urban management inspectors, emergency response command system,etc.

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