Four-Faith Smart Parking Solution, Alleviating Urban Parking Problem

Date:2021-09-06 16:14:22


At present, World's automobile production and sales continue to grow, car ownership is also increasing year by year.
According to the demand of the market, many property companies have developed into group property companies all over the country, and the number of parking lots managed by property companies has also developed from several to hundreds or even thousands. Parking lot fees also occupy an increasing proportion of property management income. However, the construction of parking spaces and intelligent parking facilities is seriously lagging. According to estimates, in China, the parking space gap has reached 100 million, and traffic congestion and parking inconvenience caused by the shortage of public parking spaces and backward information construction of parking systems have become social problems.
To solve this problem, Four-Faith release smart parking solutions, by using advanced information technology to achieve the parking space timely and accurate release. The owner can quickly find the empty car parking space, accurate parking, simple and efficient management to assist property companies in accurately charge parking spaces, intelligent management, simplify operation, save the whole cost, improve the parking satisfaction of the owner, relieve the pressure of parking in the city and help the construction of the smart city.
Smart Parking Solution
Pain Point
Single parking fees payment method, high labor costs
Traditional parking lots have high maintenance costs and a lack of intelligent sensing systems to deal with dangerous situations in time
Entrances and aisles cannot be monitored in real-time, easy to cause parking lot congestion
The phenomenon of losing cars or falsely reporting losing cars often occurs in traditional parking lots, and the safety of car owners' vehicles and property cannot be guaranteed
The form of manual given parking card is easy to cause omissions or no records to find, it is not easy to manage the parking lot, and it is easy to cause congestion at the entrance during peak hours
Solution Introduction
Four-Faith cooperates with the third party's parking system to create an integrated intelligent parking management system from the front end to the cloud, which can break the information island of a single parking lot and achieve the centralized management of the group parking lot.
The intelligent parking management system using parking space recognition, mobile Internet, and other technologies applied to the parking lot. Not only to quickly guide drivers to park, but also to solve the problem of finding cars for drivers, improve the parking utilization rate and turnover rate. This system supports car search without a card and can easily reverse car search to improve the user experience of car owners. It is widely used in business districts, commercial complexes, parks/office buildings, etc.
Urban Parking
Four-Faith router connected to the front of card system equipment and cameras, and the router provides the network for the front-end equipment. Four-Faith router support the wired-based wireless backup function. When the customer on-site cable network disconnects, it can switch to the wireless network and transmit data to the cloud platform ensure that the parking system operate stably. Cloud platform provides convenient services for the users by managing and analyzing reported data.
Smart Parking Management System
1. Parking Space Detection Camera
Take photos to record vehicle’s license plate information, real-time monitoring of vehicles and surrounding conditions, update the parking situation to the management platform in time.
2. Local Client Computer
Save the video data of the camera and upload to the cloud.
3. LED Display
Display vehicle parking costs, identify vehicle access number.
4. Four-Faith Industrial Router
Provide the network for the switch which is connected to the IP camera and the control gate machine.
5. Network Switch
Provide wired network for front-end equipment
6. Management Cloud Platform
Based on B/S architecture, summarized and process the parking lot data including data collection, data processing & information release and other functions.
Solution Value 
Simple operation, no personnel management, low cost
Use the internet to manage big data of all parking lots.
Complete industrial design, high reliability, strong environmental adaptability
Standard interface, strong compatibility, easy to set up a complete system
All-in-one solution including information collection, equipment management, personnel management, vehicle management, and financial management
Smart Parking Solution

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