Four-Faith 4G/3G Router for Video Surveillance System for Electricity High-voltage Lines

Date:2011-06-14 16:36:00

With the growing energy depletion and environmental pollution increase, solar power as a environmental friendly, pollution-free power generation that getting a lot of attention, solar power generation system is a complex thermodynamic system with the characteristics of strong nonlinearity, large delay, large inertia, and solar irradiation is with a strong uncertainty, a huge mirror field, and susceptible to external influences, difficult to control. Therefore, Four-Faith partner proposes a distributed off-grid solar power monitoring system for online monitoring power lines of  backbone erection, according to the State Grid Corporation general requirements of "transmission line condition monitoring system construction principles (Trial)".

Four-Faith 4G/3G  F3X34 industrial router  series and other equipments consisting of video surveillance of high-voltage lines system.

Topology is as follows:

Main engine video surveillance of high-voltage management system is a line condition monitoring device with the features of safe and reliable, advanced technology, and easy to maintain for the transmission lines of long-term overloaded circuits, patrol difficult areas, run and repair facilities difficulties in local lines and across the trunk railways, highways and other important cross section, big leap, micro-topography, micro-weather regions, Gob or geological poor areas, external damage areas.

Four-Faith 4G/3G router inserts a SIM card to get wireless network to connect to the equipment of monitoring terminals and make monitoring terminal and data management center connected to form a network communication to achieve remote monitoring site of monitoring center running. F3X34 adopts international standard TCP / IP communication protocol embedded in first level terminal of test site monitoring to achieve transport transmission of the data.

On-Site application image:

Main engine video surveillance of high-voltage lines management system : 

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