Based on GPRS Feeder Monitoring Programme

Date:2014-04-04 17:04:00

Feeder monitoring is the main function of distribution automation system. The application of FA technology, from the early single power loop、dual power supply gradually expanded multiple electric loop、multiple emergency power supply. A distribution network wiring more and more complex network structure, system is becoming more and more high to the requirement of power distribution network FA. In outdoor switch(including section switch and connect switch) erection column on Feeder Terminal Unit, FTU, construction efficient and reliable communication network and will connect SCADA computer system with it of distribution control center, then will constitute a high-powered distribution automation system, at present it’s the development direction of feeder automation.

Xiamen four-faith GPRS wireless communication replace the traditional wire communication mode, through the standard port of intelligent device sent to the scene data transmitted the monitoring center, conversely, monitoring center also can through GPRS network sent kinds control command、data to the remote terminal unit. At the remote terminal unit, make use of GPRS network, may according the demand use the above switch closure information collected by each system、tripping information、magnitude of current、voltage、electrical measurement、line fault, etc. data transmission, by monitoring and control kinds electrical equipment running state, optimize run mode of distribution network, failure or abnormal operation, quick alarm, resume normal power supply in time, to reduce outage time, guarantee the safe operation of power grid; Record the alarm time and types, for maintenance personnel and provide certain reference for technicians to improve equipment, so as to improve the quality of power supply.

System analysis

1. System composition

Feeder detection system consists of three parts: FTU、four-faith communication terminal F2114 ( GPRS 4G MODEM Price )、dispatch center system.

1.1 FTU

FTU install on 10kV feeder line, monitoring the column switch, complete、telemetry remote control、remote communication, fault detect function, communication with distribution automation master station, provide distribution system running condition and various parameter is the needed information of monitoring and controlling, including on-off state、power parameter phase fault、earth fault and fault parameter,perform issued the command by distribution master station, for adjust and control of power distribution device, realized fault location、fault isolation and unfault area quick recovery power supply function.

1.2 Communication terminal and platform

Xiamen four-faith communication technology Co.Ltd. Is based on GPRS wireless IP MODEM f2114, It has small volume、low power、configuration simple to use plug and play. Support standard RS232/RS485 port, support main date channel、parallel multidata channel、real-time online and per demand online various working mode、support APN network access function, etc. Can not only protect the safe and reliable of data, also can let customer according to the needs transfer save the expenses.

1.3 Dispatch center system

Dispatch center system including various server and systems software, responsible for monitoring data analyze and manage, for system analyze result be judged and for monitoring point issued control instruction.

2.System architecture process

Remote GPRS terminal make use the GPRS network live transmission FTU data, the data through wireless mode by the mobile operator GPRS network transmission to background monitoring center the public of the electric power monitoring department. Finally through a firewall to the enterprise internal management server, the monitoring center through the network port listening to host accept forward the data to the monitoring host background monitoring interface. Instead, when background monitoring system distributed data, data is sent through the Internet and GPRS network to remote GPRS terminal. Remote GPRS terminal receives data via a serial port sent to the FTU.

3.System feature

The program adopt intelligent protect device and outdoor switch realize the fault isolation, with rapidity、economy, reduce the impact of device and escape the test again of fault, intelligent level be improve. Base on GPRS network feeder system ,make the distribution network of key equipment get real time monitoring, conform to the development trend of intelligent power system. At the same time had a very good reference to in other parts of the feeder automation project implementation.

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