Power Line Wireless Video Monitoring Application

Date:2013-12-11 16:45:00

Power Transmission Line Wireless Video on-line Monitoring

Long distance high-voltage transmission line in a harsh geographical environment and weather conditions, it not only bear harsh weather but also prevent stealing and destroying.Based on the video monitoring system of wireless communication network, Four-Faith industrial wireless router F3836 can establish 3G/4G wireless network video monitoring system. Realizing remote wireless video monitoring on the connectors of high voltage transmission lines, lines waving, icing condition, insulator dirty conditions and construction situation, activities situation.

Who clients choose Four-Faith?

1. Designed for power industry

Passed the strict tests of insulation resistance, dielectric strength, surge interference, ESD interference, high-low temperature, RF electromagnetic fields, power frequency magnetic fields, accord with national standard.

2. High sensitivity of signal

Stronger signal sensitivity, can quickly gain the strongest signal even though weaker signal in remote mountainous areas.

3. Data package no losing

Promotion of processing speed, adopt high-performance industrial CPU and industrial cellular module for preventing data package losing, especially suitable for video monitoring and big data transmission.


Successful cases

China Southern Power Grid Transmission Line on-line Monitoring

Foshan Power Transmission Line Wireless Video on-line Monitoring

Shanxi Electricity Bureau Power Transmission Line on-line Monitoring

Datong Power Transmission Line Temperature Smart Monitoring System


Customer's feedback

Shanxi: The routers we used are not from Four-Faith,due to big temperature variation, the routers are often abnormal and need to restart. Then we choose Four-Faith, never abnormal for more than one year, make sure power transmission monitoring system in normal operation.

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