Electric Vehicles Recharging Points Remote Monitoring Application

Date:2014-02-10 16:57:00

Electric vehicles recharging points remote monitoring application

The monitoring system is composed of recharging,F2X03 4G MODEM and management platform.The data acquisition unit is responsible for collecting the information from the charging pile, then the data will be transmitted by rs485 to the managing platform.


Why clients choose Four-Faith?

1. NCHC authentication

Passed the strict tests of insulation resistance, dielectric strength, surge interference, ESD interference, high-low temperature, RF electromagnetic fields, power frequency magnetic fields, accord with national standard.

2. Always online

reliable network connection, maintain online function, always online

3. Remote configuration

remotely modify configuration parameter, no need to be on site, save labor cost, low down after service cost, promote management efficiency.


Successful cases

Wuxi electric vehicles recharging points monitoring system

Lanzhou electric vehicles recharging points monitoring system

Dongying electric vehicles recharging points monitoring system

Fuzhou electric vehicles recharging points monitoring system


Customer's feedback

Lanzhou customer: Electric vehicle recharging points, two communication mode: wired and wireless, wired mode is used in city center. But in suburbs or remote areas, wireless mode is used.F2X03 4G LTE MODEM is with reasonable price, online testing, online maintenance.

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