Four-Faith 4G/3G Industrial Router Successfully Applied in Brand Clothing Chains

Date:2013-12-03 10:04:00

With the popularity of smart mobile phone and tablet computer, the demand of wireless network coverage is increasingly strong, wireless terminal device continues to increase in recent years, which provides new information service platform for brand clothing chain store operators, wireless network coverage will undoubtedly become a big trend. On the one hand, it promotes the service and management level of 4G modem brand stores, but also brings some benefits for the operators.

Four-Faith partner, XX brand clothing store has opened more than 800 stores in the country, mainly in the form of store counters and street pavements. Using the traditional computer and broadband for data acquisition and management, problems are: how to efficiently manage stores throughout the country? How to guarantee the security of financial information, sales information? How does the headquarters timely control the shop sales, storage, in-transit, distribution, payment and other important data?

In July,2013, any brand clothing store operator according to its wide distribution, not timely financial information upload, bad client web experience, etc., decided to use Four-Faith communication wireless networking solutions.

According to functions of data encryption, information security, WIFI coverage, Four-Faith proposed solutions consisted of the following:

industrial wireless router solutions access: APN special line access; Telecom, Unicom, China Mobile and other fixed IP access;

2.server components: firewall, enterprise grade router, database server, inventory server, product server etc.

3.client: Xiamen Four-Faith 4G/3G industrial wireless router (F3424), APN 3G data card, Telecom, Unicom ADSL access.

Providing access to the network by Four-Faith wireless router F3424, and at the same time, establish IPSEC connection with the headquarters server, the stores submit relevant financial information, sales information to the headquarters data server by IPSEC encryption, the headquarters do statistics, analysis, management, decision-making for these financial information, sales information, to realize efficient remote management.

In addition, through 4G/3G wireless router F3424 to achieve independent wireless WIFI network coverage, customers can link to WIFI through various handheld terminal. XX brand clothing store can show various types of clothing ads to users through the web page, such as through mobile phone issued coupons, mobile phone must download online shop client server, to add interactive to improve business and customer viscosity.

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