Reactive Power Compensation Wireless Solutions for Power Distribution Network

Date:2014-06-18 10:14:00

Part 1  Overview

In the power system, consume large amounts of reactive power devices exist, the use of power system voltage of these devices will generate intense volatility, such as the impact of reactive power load: rolling mill, electric arc furnace, electric railway and so on. At the same time there are users of the system voltage stability has higher precision equipment requirements: such as computers, medical equipment and so on. If the reactive power can not be controlled, it will cause adverse effects on the grid voltage. Also lack of reactive power reserves will lead to lower voltage levels. For these reasons, how quickly and effectively solve the power system reactive shortfall. Has important practical significance. After the installation of reactive power compensation controller in the grid can provide inductive reactance reactive power consumed by reducing the grid to provide power to the inductive load, reactive power delivered by the line, due to the reduction of reactive power flow in the grid, thus reducing transportation lines and transformer reactive power caused by power loss, which is the reactive power compensation. Reactive power compensation can improve the power factor is less investment and quick results in a loss reduction of energy saving measures.

With the development of industrial automation, the original site with a notebook computer or data logger and reactive power compensation controller wired communications and data collection has grown to a remote intelligent monitoring, many must unattended equipment or monitoring point, not suitable to build a wired communication network, with Four-Faith IP Modem (F2114), through existing wireless network intelligence gathering from remote data needed to put together, greatly improving efficiency.

Part 2  Project analysis

2.1 System components

2.1.1 Controller: With RS232 communication interface

2.1.2 Transfer Terminal: Transfer terminal uses Four-Faith F2114, permanent online in real time, embedded proprietary TCP / IP protocol stack, transparent transmission, support RS232 and RS485 in parallel.

2.1.3  Center software system: PC software with the controller.

2.2 System architecture

Reactive power compensation controller via RS232 communication interface and Four-Faith IP 4G modem (F2114) connection, remote data center server can use APN ordinary ADSL, leased line or a network access. When F2114 is connected through GPRS network to a remote data center server host, create a transparent data channel, as long as the data controller to generate serial, F2114 will receive the data sent to the intact data center server host; same server commands issued by the host channel after transfer to F2114, F2114 to the controller via serial port, enabling data transmission in transparent way. System topology is shown below:

power distribution network

Part 3  Project framework

3.1 Collection terminal is connected with transmission modem

Four-Faith F2114 wireless transmission 4G LTE modem supports terminal interface that can connect to communication terminal via RS232/485.

F2114 and the collector junction line sequence as follows:

3.2 Wireless data transmission

GPRS modem

Transmission equipment using Four-Faith F2114 GPRS modem, which featured, stable performance, easy to use, it is an industrial grade wireless transmission terminal, has been widely used in a variety of industrial and financial applications.

After the terminal equipment and transmission equipment connected, set up a variety of communications parameters, operating mode, fill in the address and data center application port numbers in the transport equipment F2114. So that when data is transmitted to F2114, F2114 will be transparently transmitted the data to data center.

Terminal equipment supports multiple center mode (standby center, multi-center), multiple active mode (telephone, SMS, data), multiple operating modes (TCP, UDP, telnet, etc.), user-friendly networking and various system requirements. Heartbeat mechanism, registration pack mechanisms frame control data, a variety of mechanisms, such as reconnection mechanism to ensure that equipment is not only real-time online, and reliable, and convenient for customers according to the scene to set the various transmission parameters, and thus achieve the best results.

3.3 Data Center Software Platform

Reactive power compensation is a core part of the wireless monitoring system software.

Currently Four-Faith provide such center interface: Serial read the original program, to be compatible with the original system without doing development work, we provide a virtual serial port software (TCP2COM);

TCP2COM software

PC software

三. Characteristics and parameters of the device

F2114 communication modem

F2114 GPRS IP MODEM using high-performance embedded processor to support real-time operating system software platform, embedded TCP/IP protocol stack independent intellectual property rights. To provide users with high-speed, reliable, always-on data terminal, multiple protocol conversion virtual private network. Network traffic control for the user, the product supports voice, SMS, data and on-line trigger automatic timeout disconnection function. Also supports dual data center backup, and synchronization of multiple data centers receive data functions. Our products have been widely used in finance, water conservancy, environmental protection, electricity, postal services, meteorological and other industries.

The features:

1.An intelligent anti-dropped support online testing, keep online, automatic redia to ensure the equipment is always online.

2.Support RSA, RC4 encryption algorithm

3.Support virtual private network data (APN)

4.Transparent data transfer and protocol conversion, support for multiple operating modes

5.Support data center dynamic domain name and IP address access

6.Support dual data center backup

7.Support multiple data center

8.Support wake up by SMS, voice, data, and disconnect when network connection timed out.

9.Support SMS backup and alarm.

10.Multiple hardware and software watchdog

11.Data packet transmission status report.

12.Standard AT command interface

13.Can be used as an ordinary dial-up MODEM

14.Support telnet.

15.Support remote configuration, remote control

16.Support serial software upgrade

17.Supports LINUX and WINDOWS operating system

Par 4  To sum up

Four-Faith F2114 GPRS transmission terminal achieves a real-time online, always online, stable and reliable data transmission. Build wireless data network in the mature GPRS network, wireless data transmission cost and technical greatly reduced. And F2114 GPRS transmission terminal is industrial grade design, networking and flexible, safe, reliable, real-time online features is suitable for use in the power industry.

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