Wireless Monitoring on Load Breaking Switches of Power Distribution Network

Date:2015-03-11 11:17:00

Opening/closing info of load breaking switches can be real time monitored  and alarmed, monitoring on current, voltage can also be achieved. GPRS network, simple construction but reliable, on interference from switches’ location and environment, data are transmitted steadily and reliably. The data can also be sent to several data centers.

power distribution network

Why Four-Faith ?

1. High compatibility: F2114 ( GPRS IP MODEM,GPRS DTU ) is transparent  transmission, compatible with the manufacturers column switch devices.

2. High security: through insulation resistance, dielectric strength, surge interference, electrostatic discharge interference, high and low temperature, RF electromagnetic radiation, power frequency magnetic field and other indicators are in line with or exceed relevant national standards to ensure system stability.

3. SMS alarms: support SMS alarm function, the device abnormality responsible person can be sent to mobile phones via SMS, easy maintenance personnel respond quickly.

4. Remote Management: PC software can be controlled by F2X14 reverse field devices, parameter configuration, remote upgrade and improve management efficiency.

5. Electrical applications.

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