PV Inverter Wireless Monitoring Application

Date:2014-04-23 10:41:00

PV inverter wireless monitoring application

With the development of new energy, solar power is widely used. For purpose of photovoltaic power generation system fault condition centralized control, analysis and economic evaluation; To determine the overall operating conditions of data changing;

These functions are built on the basis of data collection and monitoring. Four-Faith F2X03 IP modem series is to achieve data collection and monitoring of photovoltaic grid inverters information.

Related data are transferring back to control room through a wireless router to facilitate unified management, and fault alarm information can be set and uploaded to the network, can also notify maintenance personnel by email or SMS in the first time.

PV inverter monitoring application

Why Four-Faith ?

1. High signal sensitivity:

Most of the information collection point in remote areas. Four-Faith products with higher signal reception sensitivity, can quickly get the strongest signal, to ensure reliable data transmission.

2. Multi-center transmission:

Support simultaneous transmission of multiple data centers (five data centers), to facilitate the management departments to get data for efficient management.

3. Lightning protection & damp proof:

Damp proof, lightning protection, high and low temperature, effectively prevent lightning and storm damage to the equipments, suitable for water conservancy environment.

4. Reliable communication:

Industrial grade equipment, dropped automatic detection, automatic recovery, to ensure the device always online and reliable communication.

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