Remote LED Display System Based on WCDMA 3G Modem

Date:2011-01-06 14:06:00

I. Background 

As the traditional LED display information is entered only through the data lines,which is directly connected to the computer, so the traditional LED display for real-time can not meet the needs of remote information, which can not build a large-scale LED screens networked information release system. Information release system can effectively solve the problem of LED displays remote network. The system is based on WCDMA radio network technology to provide universal LED traffic control interface, to achieve large-scale LED display network. Whether it is a simple text screen section, or a large screen graphic display, as long as the wireless transmission terminal connected to the LED, you can immediately break the limitations of traditional LED display, a wireless network to a large-scale LED display information screen.

Second, the project analysis

2.1 System components 
2.1.1 LED display and LED display controller 
Controller under control analysis of the data center, then the Order of the corresponding control on the screen, including content updates, display adjustment, open and close other operations, LED controllers are generally used Ethernet and DB9 serial port to control the center communications. 

2.1.2 Wireless transmission equipment
Wireless communication module’s working status will directly affect the health of the whole system, our F2403 IP MODEM has small size, low power consumption, always online, simple to configure, plug and play. Support the standby data path, parallel data channels, a variety of real-time online,which works for different project by different network, the model no. we called F2X03.
2.1.3 Control and Management Center 
The software system architecture design using BS + CS, the system runs on the Internet. The entire software system is divided into the following sections: client management software, operations center management software, central database server software, WCDMA 3G center services software and WCDMA terminal software.
2.2 The overall system architecture
Wireless LED information release system consists of LED display, LED display controller, wireless data transmission unit and the wireless LED information release center platform of several parts. 
LED controller via RS232/485 serial port communication interface with the F2403 IP 4G LTE MODEM, LED information release center can connect to the network using a variety of ways, such as fixed IP, APN, ADSL and so on.

The overall system architecture
2.3 System functions and features to achieve 
          (1) Real-time Remote Publishing: the traditional fixed-LED display to show only the information stored within the controller, and if new information can only be released online through the computer to update the information. Wireless LED display can be issued at any time to receive information center information. 
          (2) any distance: the traditional electronic display can only be used within a short distance, generally only tens of meters, wireless LED display as long as the wireless WCDMA network coverage can be used anywhere, free from distance and location restrictions. 
         (3) large-scale network: the traditional LED display content from the computer through the serial data line to send, the number of display size is limited. Wireless LED information release system through the WCDMA wireless network to send information, the use of TCP network transmission protocol, the terminal network can be up to tens of thousands of unlimited number. 

Holds the key to access certain privileges, monitoring, implementation of appropriate management and control operations, to ensure the system safe and reliable.
Third, the implementation of the project structure 

3.1 F2403 connection with the LED screen controller 

LED screen controller is generally used to transfer data Ethernet port and serial port, the wireless communication module supports 232/485 F2403 communication, it can be directly connected LED screen controller communications, as follows:

3.2 Analysis of the data center network access 
1. Dedicated Access 
2. ADSL dial-up connection (dynamic public network IP address) 
3. IP connection through the fixed public network. 

3.3 Data Center Software Platform 
The Construction Centre client software has a variety of ways, for the incoming data in different ways, we offer different software to help customers quickly realize the center side of the data reception and management of field devices. 

          There are three ways for the center of the interface:
         1. The first is the configuration software, configuration software manufacturers have now integrated a lot of our drivers, and can be directly configured to use;
         2. The customers who want to develop their own data center, this time I will offer a dynamic link library, dynamic link library customers can easily dock with the transmission channel, while the data center will provide a DEMO software, not only Open source also assist customers throughout the data center software and features its own development. Through dynamic link library customers may quickly develop a flexible, stable, fully functional interactive device management and data center software.
The following picture shows the back-center management software
Fourth, F2403 3G IP MODEM application features: 
         1. Our F2403 can fully meet the high-intensity continuous vibration, maintaining a normal work. 
         2. Our IP MODEM using high-performance industrial-grade processor , watchdog and other security mechanisms designed to ensure the IP MODEM event of communication interruption will be self-testing , then automatically power off restart, ensuring the communication link is always normal. 
         3. In response to fierce competition in the mobile LED advertising market,  the system uses multi-point networking solution for the center, whether or APN using common wireless WCDMA network can be designed to achieve control at any time .
         4. Multicenter setting, in a number of control points to control on-board LED display and information updates, greatly improving the car flexible LED screen application. 
         5. 4G MODEM industry standard serial communication, play, and high-standard mold design, small size, easy to maintain. 
         6. High-standard materials matching, which can be -25 ~ +65 º C, relative humidity of 95% (no condensation) work environment.

V. Summary

Current LED display for the next generation has become a symbol of urban information modernization construction, with the social and economic progress, the LED display technology continues to improve, people’s deep understanding with LED display, there will be more LED applications. 

LED information release system by WCDMA/HSDPA 3g network has been widely used in China, we arealways committed to the research and application of wireless communication; As the market continues to expand, I believe the demand for our
routers which used for LED application will be more;

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